Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers Price List in India January 2019

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Kelvinator KS- 7253DM

Kelvinator KS- 7253DM

  • Twin Tub
  • 7.2 kg
Rs 9,590 (1 Price)
Kelvinator KS-7052DM

Kelvinator KS-7052DM

  • Twin Tub
  • 7 kg
Rs 9,390 (1 Price)
Kelvinator KT-6521PF

Kelvinator KT-6521PF

  • Top Load
  • 6.5 kg
Rs 13,499 (2 Prices)
updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers Price 2019

Latest Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers Price
Kelvinator KT-6521PF Rs 13,499
Kelvinator KS-7052DM Rs 9,390
Kelvinator KS-60VAGL Rs 7,699
Kelvinator KS- 7253DM Rs 9,590
Kelvinator KT-6521PF Kelvinator KT-6521PF

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  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Karthik Karthik VR
  • Date : 14, May 2017

Drys sensibly .Efficient usage of tended to and most remote point/menu is strikingly vivacious and anybody can use this thing immensely easily.capacity is stunning. Most place stock in one in the ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Harish Hari
  • Date : 14, May 2017

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Does it have function of End cycle buzzer?

Does it have function of End cycle buzzer?

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About Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers


Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers are one of the most trustworthy appliances in the industry. With the market footprint extending worldwide, Kelvinator products come with top-end tech specs plus consumer-friendly price tags. They look to expand their outlook in this Indian consumer market a new.

Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers and Other Products Gaining Indian Sales:

A pioneer of what is now a multi-million dollar product industry, Kelvinator is a stalwart in the powered-home-appliances industry. Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers, Refrigerators and other products spread across nearly every single global economic region. Now, they're looking to concentrate strongly in this booming Indian consumer market.

Kelvinator Through the Ages:

Back in 1914, engineer Nathaniel B. Wales came up with the idea of mass manufacturing refrigeration units. Concentrating on practicality, Wales secured an investment from the then Buick Automobile secretary, Arnold Goss.

Wales started manufacturing the first gen prototypes under "Electro-Automatic Refrigerating Company." Renaming the company as 'Kelvinator' in February 1916 after Lord Kelvin, who discovered the 'absolute zero,' they were already in competition with 20 other names in the USA.

However, they soon captured the consumer market offering the first ever refrigerators sporting any version of automatic controls in 1918. Further pioneering integrations include adding porcelain-lined ice cabinets. Necessarily, Leonard's innovations manufactured by Grand Rapids Refrigeration Company, Kelvinator mass produced these features.

Within 1923, Wales catches more than 80% of the American market with the brand. In 1928, Kelvinator buys Nizer Corporation, Leonard and the Grand Rapids Refrigeration factory.

Under George Mason, Kelvinator forays into the British territory 1926.

1937 saw them merging with Nash Motors later becoming a functioning division of American Motors in 1954. Manufacturing the first ever auto-defrost models, they continued spreading to multiple markets. Forays into the Latin American region along with South-East Asia included a maiden intro into a rising Indian consumer market.

As of now, Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers, refrigerators, ACs – all their products fall under Electrolux's umbrella since the 1980's.

Global Kelvinator Market Reach:

Renaming their products for multiple markets, a large share of Electrolux's global juggernaut comprises of Kelvinator merchandises. A strongly recognizable brand, their Latin American market presence contributes much to Electrolux. Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers and domestic cooling units reach out to newer markets including a booming Indian consumer section.

Brand Kelvinator:

Playing a vital role in modern refrigeration technology, Kelvinator is a brand which continues to be among the biggest players in the North American markets. Marketing puts them on the top of the ladder in the Latin American market as well. Their brand value is simply a guarantee of industry-leading technology plus affordable price tags, perfect for India.

Indian Market Reach:

With approximately 200,000 units sold, India is a vital bazaar for every single manufacturer. Industry experts rate this market as still a long way off from saturation.

Kelvinator Washing Machines & Dryers looks to take a massive chunk out of this market with leading tech and budget price-tags.

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