Sony Action Cam Video Cameras Price List in India February 2019

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Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R

Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R

  • ZEISS Tessar 1/2.5 type (7.20 mm/0.31 ...
  • 8.2 MP
  • 3 x
Rs 6,239 - (4 Prices)
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50

  • 1 / 2.3 type (7.77 mm) back-illuminated...
  • 11.1 MP
  • 3 x
Rs 28,859 - (3 Prices)
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R

Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R

  • 1 / 2.3 type (7.77 mm) back-illuminated...
  • 11.1 MP
  • 3 x
Rs 24,169 - (7 Prices)
updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Sony Action Cam Video Cameras Price 2019

Latest Sony Action Cam Video Cameras Price
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R Rs 24,169 -
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50 Rs 28,859 -
Sony Action Cam FDR-X3000R Rs 6,239 -
Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R Sony Action Cam HDR-AS50R

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  • Rating : 4.5
  • Review by Praneeta
  • Date : 28, Mar 2018

All i can say is that it has excellent image and audio quality compared to other video cameras that I have used.It also has a good optical image stabilization that is really impressive and with all ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.1
  • Review by Srinivasa Adsalin
  • Date : 2, Feb 2018

This one of the coolest gadget I ever had, I love the design and how it functions its really one of the coolest thing that Sony have created. Aside from this, the image that you will capture is also ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.1
  • Review by i_love_nutella
  • Date : 1, Feb 2018

About Sony Action Cam

Sony Video Cameras

Sony Corporation, which is a very famous Japanese consumer electronics company, is known for its exclusive line of video cameras that offer both, casual and professional videography. Video cameras are available in various ranges from standard ones to devices that can capture ultra high-definition videos.

History of Sony Video Cameras

Sony’s first entry into video cameras happened in the mid 1970s, with the release of the Betamax models, meant for recording video. The Betacam models followed in the early 80s. However, these were mainly meant for broadcasting purposes and weren’t meant for the consumer market.

The first consumer oriented line was launched a year after the Betacam and was called the Betamovie BMC-100P. However, this had to be rested on the operators shoulder during recordings. The Video8 came next and then the Hi8 models which were more compact versions. DV video cameras were launched in 1995, thus making a transformation into the digital future. Since the new millennium, there have also been HDV, 3D and 4K ultra HD recorders.

Popularity in India

Indian buyers have always sought after Sony products and that is for all of its product categories. Video cameras do not lag behind either. Sony’s Handycam line of video recorders happens to be in very high demand in the country, despite the obvious demand for Canon and Nikon products as well.

The presence of many retail stores and even showrooms allow people to easily avail their products. Also, there are many service centers around the country too offering after sale services when the need arises. For professionals, the company’s exclusive lineup of ultra HD cameras offers a host of options.

Design of Sony Video Cameras

Most Sony video camera models are very compact and are small enough to be operated by the hand. However, the ones used for broadcasting are rather large and need to be carried on the shoulder.

Construction material used is largely plastic with metal parts in certain places. This also makes them pretty light in weight and good for mobility. The front face of the camera contains the lens that pretty much occupies the entire area. Certain models also permit the use of interchangeable lenses. There is an LCD panel that holds the screen and can be flipped out of the main body. This can also be rotated up to 360 degrees. The inner portion contains buttons that help operate the camera. Separate slots that hold batteries and storage means are also provided. Sony’s Handycam, range often comes in various color options, but this isn’t the case with the ultra HD range.

Features of Sony Video Cameras

Sony’s video shooters are some the best in its class and offer a plethora of options to users. To start with, Sony equips these products with Carl Zeiss and Sony G lenses that are of supreme quality. Further, the sensor used in these cameras is the Exmor R and it is coupled with BIONZ, which offers great image processing qualities.

Videos captured can be of many different resolutions and the present releases s supports full HD, I.e. 1080p recording capabilities. 4k resolution cameras happen to be for the best quality videos. One aspect about videos captured using Sony cameras is that they are excellent in terms of color and details. Some other features that are offered are Quick Autofocus, Wide Angle capture, face detection and more.

Most of the video camera models offer an in-built projector that does a fair job at casting a small screen. One can look to cast a 100cm video (measured diagonally) from about 5 meters out.

There are a number of other features that offer better quality in the video one shoots. Extended zoom offers better zooming, even in terms of digital zoom. There is also a support of Dolby Digital sound, along with noise reduction, amplifier, good audio speakers and microphone.

Sony’s video cameras can be connected by means of micro HDMI and USB. Storage options rests in the hands of SD, SDXC, SDHC, and Memory Stick.

Sony Video Camera News

Sony’s last major video camera release was the FDR-AX33 launched at the CES 2015.

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