GoPro Video Cameras Price List in India March 2019

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GoPro Video Cameras Price 2019

Latest GoPro Video Cameras Price
GoPro Hero3 White Rs 6,795
GoPro Hero3 White GoPro Hero3 White

Latest News about GoPro Video Cameras

GoPro confirms it will launch "HERO6" action camera in 2017

After hitting a low patch in previous months GoPro hopes to turn things around in 2017. The American company has announced that it will launch a flagship action camera dubbed "HERO6" this year. Also upcoming is some new cameras as well as other accessories. However, the company didn't provide any specific details about the products or their time frame for the launch. It must be noted that GoPro ... Read more

GoPro launches two new 4K action cameras: HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session

Action camera lineup from GoPro has received two new entrants in the form of HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session. Respectively priced at $299 (Approx. Rs.19,000) and $399 (Approx. Rs. 26,600) both the cameras support 4K video recordings, voice commands, and 10m of water-resistance. HERO5 Black captures images at 12MP while HERO5 Session clicks at 10MP. Unlike HERO5 Session, HERO5 Black features a 2-inch... Read more

About GoPro Video Cameras

GoPro Video Cameras

Formerly known by the name of Woodman Labs, Inc, GoPro is an American brand that is known for the design and manufacturing of action cameras. As of now, the company surely dominates the world’s market for action cameras, but is also slowly facing competition from a number of other brands. These brands consist of Sony, Garmin, Nikon, Polaroid and several others already into the camera market.

History of GoPro Video Cameras

GoPro was founded around the new millennium, i.e. in 2002. It happened after its founder Nick Woodman had made a trip to Australia, where he could not capture good images of his surfing.

The first camera release happened in 2004, which made use of a 35mm film for recording. Digital still cameras and video cameras were developed much later, in 2006, by the company, which presently makes up the product line at present. The video camera line is known by the name of Hero and has seen several iterations till date.

Popularity in India

India’s tryst with action cameras has been relatively rare. Also, the country has always looked to the Japanese camera makers when it comes to buying a quality camera. Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic are some of the most trusted camera and camcorder brands that are preferred by Indians over the years and remain almost the same at present.

Despite the release of GoPro’s products in Indian shores, the market capture has definitely been very minimal. Also, lack of marketing and service centers can be another reason that doesn’t make them exactly popular. Although GoPro’s action cameras are pretty affordable, the market in India still remains fairly untapped by the company.

Design of GoPro Video Cameras

As far as the design of GoPro video cameras are concerned, they happen to be very stylish, light and rugged in appearance. This particularly suits the case of them being called action cameras.

The look offered by GoPro video cameras is pretty much like that of most gadgets of this type. The camera lens rests on the front face with some control options and a little screen. The shutter button rests on the top. Many of the video cameras in the lineup also feature a built-in touch display that allows one to view photos and videos.

Another very bright aspect of these devices, considering their usage, is that they happen to waterproofed up to 40m. This allows the user to participate without having to worry about the consequences of water falling on their shooters.

Color-wise, GoPro offers some great options, such as black, silver, grey and more.

Features of GoPro Video Cameras

Considering that GoPro’s range is exclusively labeled as action cameras, they are equipped with features that make it possible for any action oriented sports and tasks. The GoPro can be your best companion when you decide to bungee jumping, skiing, surfing or even skating.

The camera range is basically divided into two major blocks, based on the capability of the user. The HERO4 cameras are perfect for professional handlers who have a more thorough idea about capturing action photos and videos. The there is the HERO lineup, which allows for entry level users to set their hands on.

The resolution of photos captured by these cameras starts with 5MP and goes up to 12MP for the professional video cameras. In terms of quality of video recordings, the resolution varies from full HD (1080p) to 4K. The devices also have a burst mode feature that allows multiple shot taking capability. The frame rate varies here, ranging from 5fps to 30fps. Besides this, one can also make several changes, such as ISO settings, white balance, exposure and more.

Many of the GoPro cameras also have support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows one to instantly upload and hare photos to several sites. An USB cable is provided with all the models. One can also use the GoPro app on their smartphones, and GoPro Studio software, to edit and use several other features. Even audio quality on these phones is very good.

Some models also have a tripod mount, while for others, one needs to purchase them additionally.

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