12, Jan 2018

Samsung debuts world's first micro-LED modular TV at CES 2018

As an alternative to the OLED display TV, Samsung has unveiled a 146-inch giant TV that sports a modular micro-LED technology. Dubbed "The Wall", the TV from Samsung is the world's first modular TV that can fit anywhere in the living room. Thanks to the self-emitting nature of the micro-LEDs, the Wall solves the burn-in issue which is otherwise found in OLED display TVs.

Samsung has taken a giant leap as it unveiled a new 4K HDR TV dubbed "The Wall" at Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018). Samsung touts it to be the world's first modular television as it can fit conveniently on the living room walls or elsewhere. At a whopping 146-inch display it is not only adjustable but also ensures razor-sharp resolution.

The TV is made up of various smaller display modules which are borderless placed adjacent to each other. In the case of a faulty pixel, only the panel containing that pixel can be replaced.

Equipped with a micro-LED screen, the Wall can be an alternative to the OLED televisions in the future. The micro-LEDs are smaller than regular LEDs and are self-emitting. Since they are self-emitting, the TV doesn't require backlighting for representing the perfect black color in order for sharper images.

Besides, the micro-LED display will ensure infinity contrast ratio, excellent color reproduction, and more power efficiency. The burn-in issue that is often encountered in OLED displays will be a thing of the past with the use of the micro-LED display.

Samsung's foray into the micro-LED modular television business is necessitated in order to take the competition to a different level as its rivals have already adopted the OLED displays.

While the display technology behind the Wall TV sounds exciting, it remains doubtful if the same will go mainstream in the near future considering the exorbitant price tag which is likely to entail. Nevertheless, Samsung has promised to introduce the Wall TV in 2018.

As per the company, more details are due in March. Hopefully, the pricing and availability information will follow at that time. Everything about the Wall TV will be updated here when details come up.