Apple TVs Price List in India March 2019

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Apple TVs Price 2019

Latest Apple TVs Price
Apple TV 2015 32GB Rs 13,500
Apple TV 2015 32GB Apple TV 2015 32GB

Latest News about Apple TVs

Minecraft now comes to Apple TV for $19.99

Adding one more platform to its credit, Minecraft is now available on Apple TV for a price tag of $19.99 (Approx. Rs. 1,358). Besides the game, Minecraft Apple TV edition also comes with several add-ons "for a limited period" and Ender Update. Nevertheless, it falls short of supporting Minecraft Realms and Xbox Live support as of now. The two features are expected to go onboard in "the near ... Read more

About Apple TVs

Apple TVs

Apple Inc., a major player in the field of consumer electronics, is known to develop and market the Apple TV. This is but a microconsole and digital player that can stream and play media content on a TV.

History of Apple TV

The first generation Apple TV was introduced in 2007, which was further upgraded with a higher storage capacity the very same year. Also, a major software upgrade turned the Apple TV to a standalone device, meaning it didn’t require a computer to sync content. Another update allowed the TV to recognize iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch and iPhone models act as remote controls.

Further down the years, Apple has released another four generation of these devices. These devices have also added several beneficial features over the years.

Popularity in India

When it comes to television, India has always been a little behind. In fact, even today, it is not surprising to find analog television systems in place, especially in smaller towns and rural areas. Digital television only became the norm in India some two years back and that too only in the metro cities and larger towns.

Also, Internet connectivity is something that isn’t top-notch in the country. There is plenty of room for massive improvements to take place and thus, TV consoles that rely on the Internet for connectivity aren’t popular yet. So is the case with the Apple TV. However, it is possible that products like the Apple TV will make way into lives in the near future, starting with the cities where Internet connectivity is pretty reliable.

Design of Apple TVs

The Apple TV comes in the form of a box type device that also has an Apple Remote/Apple TV Remote (for 4th generation). This remote is largely meant for controlling the device externally. The build of the device is good and largely lightweight. The fourth generation Apple TV roughly weighs about 400 grams.

The first generation device did come with a hard drive (40 and 160GB), which could store the OS and content, but much of that is not required in the present releases. The fourth generation also features an Apple TV Remote that includes several new functionalities such as Glass Touch surface, swipe-to-select, motion sensors, IR transmitter and support for Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Features of Apple TVs

The TVs allow people to view photos, video content from many networks sources, and play music using a HDTV. They also support games and applications, thus enabling you to broaden its functionalities.

The first generation of Apple TV required an additional computer running iTunes on OSX/Windows to stream content. However, the latest models come with Apple’s tvOS, which is mostly based on iOS.

When it comes to the support for channels, one can easily stream content from Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Vimeo, NBA, CNBC, ABC News and a number of others. Alongside, the App Store also allows one to download app content, thus giving you a whole number of options. However, the support for App Store is only available in the fourth generation device thus far, and is expected to be so.

The TVs are powered by Apple’s A series processors and offer a number of connectivity options. For wireless connectivity, one can rely on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wired connectivity exists in the form of Ethernet and USB. An HDMI port allows one to connect the device to a high definition TV using a relevant cable.

The video format supported is full high-definition, i.e. 1080p and for audio it supports Dolby Digital 7.1.

Apple TV News

News is abound that the fifth generation Apple TV is undergoing testing and will enter production in early 2016.

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