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Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis

  • 6 inches, 300ppi
  • 3G, 4GB
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Its really awesome just speechless. All the features are just awesome and the battery is also very good condition. Battery is the main thing which has made the tablet more interesting. I must say to ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.5
  • Review by Ashok Kumar
  • Date : 26, Sep 2016

this is a awesome device to reading books this device is best for reading books and it is easy to use it is very comfortable and resolution of the kindle is suitable for reading we can carry 1000 of ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Vikas Singh
  • Date : 21, Sep 2016

This product is very good on amazon so suggest to every one buy this product and is also at on amazon at very cheap prize so don't miss this chance guys so don't waif and purchase it now OK friends. ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.7
  • Review by Rajesh Mali
  • Date : 16, Sep 2016

About Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle is an E-book series, a standalone product as per design and manufacturing specifics. These Android tablets integrate basic display and multimedia functions. The Indian market is increasingly coming up to be among the most important markets for these E-books.

Amazon Kindle: The next big step for the Indian market

E-Books are one of the most innovative formats of digital media and utilities expanding into the conventional formats of entertainment. The Amazon Kindle is a perfect example of connecting virtual multimedia services onto user-relative device formats. Extending well beyond just E-book functions, current series models also allow users to view and experience multiple media formats.

Kindling E-Books

The concept of creating an E-book, i.e. a device where a user can digitally read a book was always on the cards since the 2000s. But Jeff Bezos obviously wanted Amazon to come up with a real-time product first. Personally handling and boosting the project, Bezos saw the first prototype take shape by 2005 via Lab126, Amazon's software and hardware section.

Branding consultant Michael Cronan's suggestion to rename this device series as 'Kindle' was the final touché. Official introduction in 2007 saw the Amazon Kindle notch up abundant sales figures immediately. A model extension with a larger display screen saw a maiden introduction in 2009 as the Kindle DX.

Kindle models continuing till Kindle 5 includes keyboard setups. From the 1st generation, Amazon continued to reduce on the keyboard specifics. It's not until the Kindle Paperweight that these E-books started to completely rely on touchscreen functions.

Amazon Kindle in the Indian market

The first Kindle to hit international markets beyond the USA such as China, Japan and India was the 7th generation model back in 2014. It was also the first model to have a 1GHz processing unit. Following this introduction, India slowly became one of the most vital markets for Amazon outside the United States.

Following up with later generations, Amazon was obviously aiming at taking the Indian market more importantly. The Voyage series saw increase in resolution leading to better display and user experience.

Increasing Indian sales figures

Amazon's reliance on integrating market-specific add-ons to increase consumer relevance plays a huge role in the Kindle's present booming sales figures. In 2016, Amazon notably takes to native language formats and media available for the Indian consumer spectrum.

Integrating these language features as add-ons for a multi-lingual consumer base was a perfect icing on the cake. As a result, Amazon was able to register an 80% rise in sales by first quarter of 2016.

Both Oasis and Voyage along with 3rd generation Kindle Paperweight users were able to use the multi-lingual database. Although not disclosing total sales figures, Amazon India registers more E-book downloads in comparison to physical book buys.

Latest and Upcoming Amazon Kindle in India

All the latest models are available for Indian consumers from Amazon. The latest 8th generation model is a more compact device in comparison to Kindle 7. It also features a 512 MB RAM instead of 256MB RAM in the 7.

This new Kindle model notably integrates a Bluetooth setup liaising with VoiceView, a software program which can read out text from the display. Amazon Kindle 8 aims directly for a budget consumer market looking solely for reading experience thus notching up strong sales in this Indian market.

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