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About Zen Tablets

Zen Tablets

Zen Mobile is an Indian mobile phone brand that has invested much of its years to bring affordable cell phones to the Indian mobile market. Besides being responsible for the distribution and management for certain brands of phones/tablets, Zen is also known to offer its own line of phones and tablets.

History of Zen Tablets

Zen Mobile’s was founded in the year 2009, which makes it a relatively young brand. However, prior to making phones, it was well into the industry, being a part of the Teleecare Group that distributes several phone brands.

Zen has released several tablets in the market, despite entering the market fairly later than most of its competitors. Most of its releases happened much after 2012 and its most prominent tablet line is called the UltraTab.

Popularity in India

The Indian market has been a very active one, in the cases of both smartphones and tablets. Owing to the country’s huge user base, most of which still remains untapped, many countries have looked towards India as a prime target.

When it comes to tablets, several makers already lead the way. Apple and Samsung have both taken a fair share of the market and there are many local players as well. Zen is among those local players, which are making affordable low cost tablet devices for the common Indian user. Therefore, Zen tablets have also gained on popularity to a good extent.

Design of Zen Tablets

Despite the fact that Zen tablets are lowly priced, they do have very good design aspects. This is one of the features that also bode well for the company.

The material of these tablets is largely polycarbonate and plastic. Many of them also have metal bezels that increase the attraction factor. They are fairly light, although not too much either. They do look pretty stocky though.

The screen is an IPS LCD display that features an 800x480 pixels resolution. While they are certainly not HD tablets, the display quality isn’t bad either. The size of the screen on these tablets varies between 7 inches and 9 inches.

Most tablets from Zen Mobile arrive in the traditional black color. However, this surely isn’t something that an average user is fussy about.

Features of Zen Tablets

Zen tablets do come with impressive features. Although they are affordably priced, they do not come with cheap hardware. However, the quality of hardware is not in the premium category either.

Processing power on these tablets from Zen is limited to 1.5GHz processors. They also come with ample amount of RAM that allows for fast multitasking. Internal storage capacity on these phones range from 512MB to 4GB. This can also be expanded with the help of a micro-SD card up to 32GB for most models.

Zen’s tablets are primarily Android devices that run on the ever adaptable OS. The latest release from the company has been known to support a slightly older version, i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich. The user interface though is pretty smooth and intuitive in nature.

Connectivity features that are available with these tablets are numerous. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available, as is the case with almost all devices these days. Cellular networks are supported with a majority of the devices, with the exception of a few releases. Many of the models are also known to support 3G networks for faster data speeds and telephony. GPS is another feature that is available for location based services too. Ports on Zen tablets vary between devices, but almost all are known to have micro USB and HDMI ports.

Cameras are also available on these devices in the front and the rear.

Zen devices also have a very good battery life and easily offer a day of usage.

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