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About Olive Tablets

Olive Tablets

Olive Telecommunications, which happens to be relatively new brand in the Indian electronics market, is based out of Gurgaon, Haryana. It is largely a private company and is known to make mobile phones, laptops, tablets, netbooks and wireless broadband devices. Despite being a pretty new entrant in the scene, the company has gotten into partnerships with some renowned worldwide brand such as Haier and Qualcomm.

History of Olive Tablets

Olive was founded in the year 2006 and was mainly known to manufacture electronic computing products, such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, phones and convergence devices. The company has also had functioning R&D units in both India and China.

Olive’s entry into the tablet market happened in 2013, when it became the first manufacturer to launch a 3G Android tablet in the country. This was known as the OlivePad and even earned pretty rave reviews from many people and the media. Besides tablet computers, Olive is also known to make laptops that are pretty decent offerings too.

Popularity in India

India’s is an expanding tablet market. While Samsung, Apple and some local players rule the roost at present, it was a pretty different story a few years ago, when the market just started to take shape. Samsung was the first to arrive on Indian shores with its Galaxy Tab. Surprisingly, Olive Telecom, at that time, was the first Indian manufacturer with a 3G supported tablet computer.

Olive’s tablets were pretty popular initially, mainly because they were low priced when compared to its competitors. They were also available in the country widely and thus, many chose to stick to a local tablet that offered good features.

Design of Olive Tablets

Olive’s tablets have a pretty ergonomic design aspect and come out rather brightly when compared to its competitors too. Having a rectangular slate form factor, these tablet devices are made out of polycarbonate to keep them light and yet, strong.

The screen size on most of these tablets is 7 inches. They come with an IPS LCD display and have WVGA resolution. This allows for very good viewing and from all angles as well. There are capacitive buttons located below the display too.

Olive’s tablets traditionally appear in just the black and white color option. The OlivePad branding can found at the back.

Features of Olive Tablets

When it comes to the features offered by Olive’s tablet computers, they are hardly secondary to any other company. The tablets are provided with the latest ARM 11 chips with Qualcomm chipsets that offer good processing power. Complementing this is RAM that is of fairly good capacity in the size of 512MB. Internal memory is available as NAND flash storage and that is also around half a gigabyte. However, an external micro-SD slot that supports cards up to 32GB should be a great option for many.

The first OlivePad ran on Android Froyo. However, the newer releases are all known to run Android 4.0 and above. User interface on these devices is pretty decent too.

The devices are equipped with cameras, both on the front side and the rear. The front cameras are larger in megapixel count though.

Connectivity options on Olive tablets include Wi-Fi, SIM support (3G), GPS, Bluetooth, micro USB and more. They have a headphone jack, along with mono speakers for external audio. Besides, these tablets are also known to come with almost all sensors for amazing functionality.

Battery life on these devices is decent and gives good number of usage hours even on a single charge.

Olive Tablets News

Much of Olive’s releases in the tablet sphere have been in the recent past. Also, they haven’t released a tablet of late.

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