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About Notion Ink Tablets

Notion Ink Tablets

Notion Ink Design Labs is an Indian tablet designer and maker based out of Bangalore, India’s IT capital. The company has released quite a few tablet models in the market since their inception. They have released tablets running both, Android and Windows, and have also been popular in India and abroad.

History of Notion Ink Tablets

Notion Ink’s founding dates back to 2008. Their first product made way in the end of 2010, which was the Android running Adam tablet. The product was initially up for pre-orders and later showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show, the following year. It received very good reviews and was popular as well.

The company went on to release a further three tablets, two of which are based on Windows. These are the Cain and Cain8 tablets, and they were released in 2014. A successor to the original Adam tablet made way in 2013.

Popularity in India

India has a fairly crowded tablet market space where there are many local and foreign brands. However, what is interesting is that many of the local players have often been at the helm, giving serious competition to the already established foreign brands. Several Indian brands such as Micromax, iBall and Intex have been producing low priced tablets that meet consumer demands.

Notion Ink’s tablets have also seen the same light. These devices have been promising basic features to consumers and are very affordably priced as well. They are also largely available via popular Indian shopping portals, such as Flipkart and Snapdeal.

Design of Notion Ink Tablets

Notion Ink’s tablets arrive in the regular slate form factor that is commonly seen in tablet releases. However, the Cain tablet is a two-in-one device and also doubles up as a laptop. The construction of the body is mostly left to plastic, which also makes these tablets fairly light in terms of weight. Some amount of metal is also present, as in the Cain 10 inch tablet comes with a metal back. Although the look doesn’t entirely feel premium like, they are pretty good.

Coming to the display on these devices, the first Adam tablet had arrived with Pixel Qi’s transreflective LCD. However, the company dropped that feature in the following editions and has resorted to just IPS LCD technology. The screen is available in two major sizes, 8 inch and 10.1 inch. The resolution on these devices though lack a little bit, considering the 1280x800 pixel display.

When it comes to color options, Notion Ink has largely resorted to the most common balck and white options. The back of the 10 inch Cain also has a certain brownish appearance.

Features of Notion Ink Tablets

Talking of features, Notion Ink tablets come with some really interesting ones, besides common features. The tablets have always been powered by Intel’s Atom/Bay Trail processors that possess multiple cores. Even in terms of memory, they happen to be pretty well-equipped, with 1 or 2GB of RAM being made available on these models. Storage too, is ample and pegs between 8GB and 64GB.

Notion Ink’s Adam tablets were powered by Android OSes, Froyo and then Jelly Bean. The later releases, i.e. the Cain tablets come with Windows 8.1/10. A very good aspect is that they largely run the stock OSes and there is hardly any bloatware present.

Connectivity on these tablets is very good. WiFi and Bluetooth are regular options, besides the support for 3G SIM capabilities. Then there is support for micro USB, USB OTG, HDMI and a lot more. They also come with speakers and a headphone jack for audio support.

The tablets also boast of having both rear and front cameras and they are usually in the range of 2/3.2MP.

Battery life on these tablets is fairly decent and last up to a day.

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