Hitachi Refrigerators & Freezers Price List in India March 2018

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Hitachi R-VG440PND3

Hitachi R-VG440PND3

  • Top Freezer
  • 415 L
Rs 52,255 - (2 Prices)
Hitachi R-VG660PND3

Hitachi R-VG660PND3

  • Top Freezer
  • 601 L
Rs 77,600 - (4 Prices)
Hitachi R-VG470PND3

Hitachi R-VG470PND3

  • Top Freezer
  • 451 L
Rs 49,990 - (4 Prices)
Hitachi R-V540PND3KX

Hitachi R-V540PND3KX

  • Top Freezer
  • 489 L
Rs 65,620 - (2 Prices)
Hitachi R-W660PND3

Hitachi R-W660PND3

  • French Door
  • 586 L
Rs 86,912 - (4 Prices)
Hitachi R-VG610PND3

Hitachi R-VG610PND3

  • Top Freezer
  • 585 L
Rs 65,990 - (3 Prices)
Hitachi R-WB550PND2

Hitachi R-WB550PND2

  • French Door
  • 510 L
Rs 71,001 - (6 Prices)
Hitachi R-WB480PND2

Hitachi R-WB480PND2

  • French Door
  • 465 L
Rs 59,990 - (10 Prices)
Hitachi R-VG400PND3

Hitachi R-VG400PND3

  • Top Freezer
  • 382 L
Rs 44,490 - (3 Prices)
Hitachi R-SG37BPND

Hitachi R-SG37BPND

  • Top Freezer
  • 390 L
Rs 30,974 - (2 Prices)
updated on 18, Mar 2018, 04:23

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Hitachi Refrigerators & Freezers Price 2018

Latest Hitachi Refrigerators & Freezers Price
Hitachi R-WB550PND2 Rs 71,001 -
Hitachi R-WB480PND2 Rs 59,990 -
Hitachi R-W660PND3 Rs 86,912 -
Hitachi R-VG660PND3 Rs 77,600 -
Hitachi R-VG610PND3 Rs 65,990 -
Hitachi R-VG470PND3 Rs 49,990 -
Hitachi R-VG440PND3 Rs 52,255 -
Hitachi R-VG400PND3 Rs 44,490 -
Hitachi R-V540PND3KX Rs 65,620 -
Hitachi R-SG37BPND Rs 30,974 -
Hitachi R-WB550PND2 Hitachi R-WB550PND2

Latest Reviews for Hitachi Refrigerators & Freezers

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i may require this thing for a more drawn out time This Refrigerator has respects buy and use now a days.It has stirring up light for control with astonishing single zone join with plan.i think it is ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Anand huded
  • Date : 14, May 2017

Pros: It has frost free cooling technology. You can lock the door this helps to protect your refrigerator from kids. Some times in urge we will not close the door properly in such cases open door ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by radhika
  • Date : 31, Mar 2017

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About Hitachi Refrigerators & Freezers


Employing state of the art designing and upscale manufactures, Hitachi refrigerators and freezers rate as among the best units in the market. Aiming for environmental sustainability as well as cost-effectiveness, each of their high-end freezing units consists of insulation as well as compressors emphasizing their formidable hold in Indian markets.

Hitachi Refrigerators and Freezers- Inspiring the next level of freezers amongst Indian consumers

Hitachi refrigerators and freezers come up with revolutionary designs. A few of their top-notch units also consist of "Wasabi Essence"- which helps in preserving important food essentials and amino acids. Along with this, their scientific breakthrough designs also come with numerous other intuitive specs. And that is what makes Hitachi freezers ahead of the game against its market competitors.

History of Hitachi's Story

Hitachi LTD is primarily a Japanese conglomerate having its headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Operating in 11 different sectors, Hitachi Refrigerators and freezers happens to be one of their lucrative ones, particularly amongst the Indian populaces.

It was in 1932 that Hitachi introduced their 1st ever electric refrigerator and instantly it became a success notching up decent sales units. Then in 1960, they came up with their cubical freezer which also attained similar success.

However substantial success came about in 1998 when they manufactured both their refrigerators and air-conditioners with PAN control. In 2007, their concept of 3D molded VIP or Vacuum Insulation Panel, and Auto drawers (opening to the touch) brought about a new wave in the refrigerator segment.

This company was greatly appreciated for another one of their new-gen Frost recycling cooling units in 2009. Living up the motto- 'Inspire the Next,' Hitachi never looked back. Their 2 door-1 touch idea with digital Control Panel in 2013 and their Aero Care Vege Compartment in 2015, motivated many other manufacturers to implement this concept of new-gen freezers.

Outlets and Reach

Hitachi offers its refrigerator as well as other state of the art solutions in various sects of the globe. This Japanese multinational has its reach in United States, Canada, UK, Europe, China, India, Middle East, Singapore, Thailand, and Japan.

Right after 2015, demands for such refrigerators are soaring high. And for that reason, Hitachi plans to strengthen its hold in the Indian markets too with their energy saving units.

Hitachi freezers refrigerators do have a good impression upon the Indian mass consumer. So prospects of high sales are extremely feasible despite tough competition from other market leaders.

Consumer reputation

Hitachi net sales clocks at $1,733,983 million as per 31st March 2017! Notching up their 3rd highest sales figures in 2016 (in all markets) - $89.31 billion, it is clear that their consumer reputation, both in domestic and international markets is overly impressive.

Furthermore, their units also led to 12.6% energy consumption in (2015/16) and 53.2% total energy saving from (2008-2016). As a result, Hitachi refrigerators and freezers are holding high regards in their consumer line.

Prospects in the Indian Market

As per data of March 2016, the demand for refrigerators and air conditioners rose significantly. Statistics bring about this growth to be their highest in the last five years with refrigerators sales rising by 20%.

In March-April sales of freezers rose by 40%! This gave numerous manufacturers including Hitachi to cater to this high demand, particularly in rural areas such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh.

Hitachi refrigerators and freezers accounted for 50-60% of the annual sales along with many other reputable names in 2016. For the following year, Hitachi again focuses on cost convenient freezers promising savings on electricity bills.

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