Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers Price List in India March 2019

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Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers Price 2019

Latest Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers Price
Electrolux ECP063 Rs 7,490
Electrolux ECP063 Electrolux ECP063

Latest Reviews for Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers

i may require this thing for a more drawn out time This Refrigerator has regards purchase and utilize now a days.It has mixing up light for control with surprising single zone join with plan.i think ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Arun kumar das
  • Date : 14, May 2017

In my house there is a electrolux refrigerator from last nine year. Overall design of this refrigerator is very compact and user friendly than other brand. Also it perform its function very quitely. ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Review by Rakesh Pant
  • Date : 17, Oct 2016

About Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers


New-gen innovation guaranteeing operational excellence, this is what Electrolux refrigerators & freezers aim to achieve and offer both Indian and world-wide consumers. With their new Euro Series Refrigerators, their intention is to maximize high demand for coolers and other home appliances in the Indian sub-continent.

Electrolux Refrigerators & Freezers Deliver Top-End User Experience in India and Abroad

Electrolux refrigerators & freezers stack up an impressive portfolio along with its other list of home appliances. Serving the needs of both India and other inter-continental markets, Electrolux always aims for optimal cooling without overconsumption of electricity.

Where it all started?

Electrolux was mainly a merger between 2 companies- Svenska Elektron AB and Lux AB. In the year 1919, Svenska Elektron AB acquired a company known as Elektromekanisha AB, which eventually became Elektrolux.

From 1923, this organization started acquiring AB Arctic and began including refrigerators and freezers to their products line for sale. The company's name underwent a change in 1957 to this present name Electrolux.

Other than Electrolux refrigerators & freezers, more impressive home appliances namely dishwashers, 1959 and equipment for food services in 1962 came into the market. Right through their span, this company often purchased numerous companies before 1960.

However, after this phase, they began their new-wave acquisition of M&A Activity. Electrolux bought Norwegian Elektra, Finnish Slev, ElectroHelios, Flymo, etc. between 1960 and 1969.

Global Sales Output

With a resounding increase in Electrolux refrigerators & freezers (along with its other smart appliances) in global arcades, the company always looks to suffice their consumer demand in mature and growing markets.

The company's domineering markets are Western Europe, North America, Canada and the US. They also have a formidable reach in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico Argentina and Brazil.

According to annual reports of 2016, Electrolux achieved an operational margin of over 6%. It also sustained its reputable earning for its primary EMEA over most of its functioning regions.

Most location stores with corresponding sales figures

• North America- 35% sales in Electrolux's major appliances including refrigerators and freezers.

• Europe, Africa and Middle East- 31% sales.

• Latin America- 13% sales figures.

Total sales figures resulting from their core business areas include 60 million sell-offs in 150 countries.

Brand Acceptance

The main purpose of Electrolux is to always improve their products and generate better user satisfaction round the globe. Shaping up a better living, the company always tries to reinvent taste and well-being of their consumers.

Indian Reach and Prospects

Electrolux refrigerators & freezers hold an impressive position in the Indian market too. Their new-gen freezers are ever expanding in sales, especially amongst middle class Indian families. Their new line-ups include-Euro series namely EJS225T, EJL205T, EBL225T and ECP093 which are compactly designed mini freezers and EBP203 - a deep root refrigerator offering large storage features.

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