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It's almost surprising that Apple bothered to update the iPod touch in 2015. ... A gateway product for future iPhone owners, somewhat miscategorized as an iPod. But today iPhones, Android phones and ...Read more

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About Apple iPod Shuffle


The Apple iPod Shuffle is the highest selling audio player since its birth. Crossing 4 generations till date, it has emerged to be one of the best in its segment. Having already established its presence in the Indian subcontinent, it aims to extend a global reach.

Apple Looks to Venture the Indian Subcontinent with its iPod Shuffle

"A thousand songs in your pocket!" – Exclaimed Steve Jobs as he unveiled the legendary iPod for the first time. Such was the impact of the iPod that a million pieces witnessed sales within a week. Thus, the iPod Shuffle was born. In today's world, a plethora of options dwell one's mind when talking about MP3 players. However, when considering the best, the iPod Shuffle rises above all.

Historical Significance

January 11, 2005 saw the birth of the first iPod Shuffle at the Apple's official MacWorld Conference & Expo. Being the smallest iPod in existence, it lacked a display but was the first of its kind. It made use of a feature known as "shuffle" (selecting songs at random from user memory); hence the name. Within a year, this MP3 player captured more than 60% of the world's music player market.

While this first iPod Shuffle brought with it 1 GB of memory supporting at 128 kb/s, its capacity soon escalated to 2 GB and this MP3 player started supporting songs of 320 kb/s as well. This was a major leap for Apple Inc. as the iPod Shuffle was the first MP3 player in the world to do so.

This American tech giant relied on its SDK & SigmaTel STMP35xx SOC technology that gave this first generation iPod Shuffle its legendary bass module. By 2009, Apple was speaking with its 3rd generation iPod Shuffle which introduced five colour options and enhanced its memory space to 4 GB. This marked a revolution in the field of MP3 players, and Apple captured over 78% worldwide market share.

As a result, the company went a step ahead and released its 4th and final generation of the iPod Shuffle. This model had been going by experts as the best MP3 player ever made by Apple Inc. until July 2017 when the company announced that it was discontinuing the iPod Shuffle along with the iPod Nano.

Official Apple iPod Stores

Considering the newfangled South East Asian market, an Apple store is available in most major cities of the Indian subcontinent. Right now around 550 Apple outlets are present in both the Grade A and Grade B cities of India along with more than 300 official service centres.

Apple is also expanding its business in Philippines and Singapore with a plethora of stores opening there as well. It is also looking to grow its business in the African nations, which primarily include South Africa and Namibia.

Bestselling iPod and Why?

Apple's iPod Shuffle is available in all the major countries in the world. While Apple offers a number of iPod variants including the iPod Shuffle, Nano and Touch, yet iPod Shuffle remains the bestselling series due to its sound quality and portability. An early introduction of the Dolby Digital technology was a big boost in this respect.

Moreover, with a sudden price drop in the last couple of years, the South Asian the South East Asian market has also witnessed a rapid growth in popularity of this iPod Shuffle. Among them, India stands out as its largest market holder with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Maldives following suit.

The Latest and the Last iPod Shuffle

The iPod shuffle is Apple's most selling gizmo since its birth. Its size and portability make it all the more appealing. Right now, Apple offers its 4th generation of shuffle that comes in both 2GB and 4GB variants. It syncs directly to iTunes and also allows direct songs transfers to an iPhone through iTunes. Although Apple has announced the discontinuation of the iPod Shuffle, currently, it boasts of as the most-selling MP3 player of all time both in India as well as the global arena.

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