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Apple iPod Nano 16GB (6th Gen)

Apple iPod Nano 16GB (6th Gen)

  • 16GB
  • 40.9x37.5x8.78 mm, 21.1g
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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Apple iPod Nano MP3 Players Price 2019

Latest Apple iPod Nano MP3 Players Price
Apple iPod Nano 16GB (5th Gen) Rs 13,999
Apple iPod Nano 16GB (5th Gen) Apple iPod Nano 16GB (5th Gen)

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pple's latest iPod nano marks another re-design for the company's littlest player, but still it brings more to the table than any previous iteration. Pros: Incredibly tiny and lightAluminum case ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.3
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  • Date : 27, Feb 2017

I bought the ipod shuffle as a device that I can use during workout sessions mainly. The primary requirement for me was that it should be light weight, produce fairly good sound and should be easy to ...Read more

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About Apple iPod Nano


Before smartphones became 'The' thing to have, mp3 players, ruled the roster. Among the most popular must-haves in this device section, the iPod Nano was the daddy of them all. Before Mac books and iPhones, this series played a big part in making Apple what they are now.

iPod Nano: Once a Legend now a Relic in India

iPod Nano is nothing short of a relic of a past which is too dear to forget. For every single mp3 out there, the Nano still continues to be among the most famous names. And this includes everyone's who's never had one before. Apple brings its last throws of this device, the latest series to Indian buyers.

Revisiting times before Smartphones:

Steve Jobs always did have memorable brilliance with his apt choice of words. September 7 (2005), he points his jeans' watch pocket to a media event with a question of its usage. Thus, the iPod Nano hits the global market.

Selling like hot cakes since this is one of highest selling multimedia entertainment devices ever. There are more than a few things which have come into the picture since then. Steve's idea was clear, giving individuals a music player with a display, extremely utilitarian specs for today's FHDs, which will fit right into the watch pocket.

Apple and Jobs knew they did have a winner. Even then, their sales figures were beyond expectations. The first million Nanos finds their owners within 17 days. Apple records their billion profits in 2005 mostly thanks to 3 months shipping off Nanos.

Continuing with its still-here history, Apple sells above 400 million models. And they still continue with this range. But even though the current 7th generation has a bigger better display, sales obviously continue to dwindle.

It's not a classic anymore as for the first few generations. But this is a history too recent to forget. And even though the last ever separate Nano sales figures in 2014 show only 14 million worldwide sales, it still will. It's buying into a fond memory or at least a relic of times before.

iPod Nano Popularity in India:

Apple manages to sell off only 40 million models in 2013 and 2014, lower than their total tally just on 2011. With their primary markets being USA and Europe, it was only apparent for them to continue as per consumer sentiment relevant to these markets.

Surprising all market experts believing in India's value-conscious buyers, Apple's replacement drive for their 1st gen devices for global users in November 2011 cost them quite dear in USD.

They sell their 5th, 6th and 7th generation models across India now.

A Legendary series for many reasons:

Scratch-resistance, aluminum casings with anodizing, perfectly compact design – an upscale top-end mp3 player for simplistic but highly pleasing individual use. But perhaps the most vital pointer, it has a display module.

Bottom line – it was 'The' thing back then and continues to be a classic utilitarian still now. Sales are positive enough in India, and they're launching latest gen models.

Latest series of iPod in India:

Nano 6th Gen – Launching on 1st September 2010, this Nano came with 240x240 pixels 220 PPI (Pixels Per Inch) all-body display. It's the lightest model ever in the series with 8 GB and 16 GB storage options.

Nano 7th Gen – This 7th gen iPod Nano comes with the largest display screen in the series so far extending length-wise to 432 pixels along with an iPhone-like design including an 8MP rear camera.

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