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  • 4 GB
  • 8.45 x 2.22 x 1.34 cm, 30 g
Rs 3,539 - (7 Prices)
updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Sony WALKMAN MP3 Players Price 2019

Latest Sony WALKMAN MP3 Players Price
Sony WALKMAN NWZ-B183F Rs 3,539 -

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About Sony WALKMAN

SONY WALKMAN offers new portable MP3 players in India

SONY WALKMAN has always been a long standing name in portable music industry. Long before the iPods and iPads came in to existence, SONY has been producing portable audio cassette players using the brand name of WALKMAN. The company even tried to market their previous line of mobile smart phones Sony Ericsson using the audio and video components of their WALKMAN brand. In a way, Sony has certainly revolutionized portable music components using their WALKMAN brand.


The first Walkman product was constructed way back in 1978 by Sony under the ownership of its co-founder Masaru Ibuka. His idea was to give people the company of music while they were travelling for a long duration of time. The chief division engineer of Sony, Nobutoshi Kihara designed the first prototype product. Later in 1979, the first Walkman product was sold in Japan. Soon the era of portable music began, and throughout the 1980's Sony dominated the market with their products. They were available in multiple countries under various names during this period – Soundabout in US, Freestyle in Sweden, and Stowaway in UK. Sony began their expansion in the South Asian markets by the end of 1980s, and soon India saw their first Walkman product.

Multiple Series

The Indian market saw a huge demand for Sony's Walkman products. Even so, Sony has extended their product line to include multiple series of Walkman products. As of 2015, 6 different series or product variants are available for sale in India. They are:

  • ZX Series
  • A Series
  • WS Series
  • W Series
  • B Series
  • E Series

Each of these products differs in terms of their features and music playing aspects. For example, some products include a video MP3 player as well, while most include only portable MP3 players. Let's check out various models which are popular in India.

Popular Models

  • NW-ZX2 – This is a flagship model from Sony, with a high resolution audio setup. It also features high quality audio streaming using Bluetooth via LDAC. Additional features include an internal storage of 128 GB, with S Master HX digital amplifier, and DSEE HX technology which improves audio CD sound quality.
  • NWZ-ZX1 – This is a video walkman player, with compatibility for both MP3 and MP4 file types. Its internal storage is 128 GB, with high resolution audio and S Master HX full digital amplifier. Additional features include DSEE HX for improved compressed audio quality.
  • NWZ-A15 – It is considered to be one of world's smallest and lightest high resolution audio MP3 player. Its total storage is 16 GB with S Master HX digital amplifier, and DSEE HX to improve compressed sound in audio CDs.
  • NWZ-WS615 – An ultra portable device from Walkman, this model offers a waterproof body layout with IPX 5/8 rating. Wireless Bluetooth streaming is available with 16 GB of internal storage. It is available in multiple color variants as well.
  • NWZ-W273S/D – This is a mid level product from Sony Walkman series, with 4 GB internal storage capacity, and multiple stylish color options. The design is very minimalistic and subtle, with wireless connectivity and waterproof structure.
  • NWZ-B183F/B – This model is a low end device from this franchise. It is a small and compact portable MP3 player, with enabled bass boost and surround sound quality. FM is available with recording, along with quick charge facility. Its internal storage is 4 GB, along with multiple color options.
  • NW-E013F/B – This product was available quite a long time ago, and so it had garnered popularity during earlier days of Sony WALKMAN's sale in India. It had a simplistic design interface with 1 GB internal storage and USB connectivity options. Earphones are quite good with bass boost.

Reason for Popularity

Due to Sony's long history of producing WALKMAN products, it has garnered a very good reputation all over the world, and especially in South Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines etc. This is the primary reason for their popularity in these regions.

July 26, 2017

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