Kawasaki Z Series motorcycle Price List in India March 2019

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Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800

  • 12 Used motorcycles
  • 2014-2017
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Z1000

  • 4 Used motorcycles
  • 2014-2016
  • Latest Post: 22 Oct, 2017

Kawasaki Z250

Kawasaki Z250

  • 5 Used motorcycles
  • 2015-2017
  • Latest Post: 17 Feb, 2018

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About Kawasaki Motorcycle


Kawasaki Motorcycle series appear as downright speed demons. Almost every model launched so far defines the Jap's proficiency in making racing scramblers which are both technically as well as perfunctorily unsullied. With killer looks, optimal brakes and superior suspension features, they are popular not just globally but also in India.

Kawasaki Motorcycle - 'Built Beyond Belief' for Global as well as Indian Roadsters

Kawasaki Motorcycle primarily consists of 19 upscale variants. Each of them embodies the craftsmanship of the Japs with their polished, sleek, humble-brag kind of an appearance. In simpler words, every Kawasaki bike comes with the design and power of an evolutionary level. This goes as one of the many reasons for its widespread popularity amongst Indian as well as global roadsters.


In 1963, Kawasaki and Meguro collaborated together and gave birth to the Kawasaki Motorcycle Co Ltd. Right from the very instance 'Kawasaki Shozo' the founder, wanted to present their customers with high-quality nascent bikes hosting the most powerful engines on 2-wheelers.

They kick-started their production and launched their 1st motorcycle - The B8 125 cc 2-stroke roller. A year later they introduce the Samurai series - 250cc disc valve and that proved to be a raging hit in the US.

In 1966, the company ousted the 650W1 scrambler taking design cues from BSA A10, again which gathered huge sales. As the years rolled by and Kawasaki Motorcycle series kept gathering reputation and respect from every market they targeted.

However, their best time was yet to come. In 1983, their liquid cooled 4-stroke GPZ900R was showcased for the 1st time at Laguna Seca, stunning everyone present. They had introduced the world their 1st ever Ninja motorcycle and from then onwards, they never looked back.

Official Dealerships

Kawasaki is a Japanese multinational and has over 50 holdings worldwide. This includes distribution centers, official dealerships, marketing, and sales HQ. Stats show the company consists of around 1500 dealerships just in the US.

Over the years, the company has expanded its reach to Canada, Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia. With every specific region having its own regional HQ and official website, it speaks volumes of the kind of scalability the company holds.

Furthermore, in India, there is news that the company will be looking to open up 10 more dealerships in different regions. Starting 2017 wonderfully with the launch of 12 official stores in metro cities, they will be looking to make it 22 in quick time.

Kolkata, Mangalore, Ludhiana, Goa, Calicut, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Bhubaneswar, Vizag, and Dehradun are their targeted locations.

Their Acceptance Globally!

Speaking of popularity, every single Kawasaki Motorcycle is a product of optimal engineering using the best of world technology with Japanese advancement and top-notch techs. In a recent post, it was known Kawasaki bikes are the most popular in the world.

The makers also hold a formidable repute as their series of scramblers made them win numerous super bike racing championships across continents.

Existing Kawasaki Bikes in India

There are plenty of Kawasaki Motorcycles available in its official store. From the Ninja 1000, its 300-650 series, ZX 10R, Z250, all are selling superbly throughout India.

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