Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle Price List in India March 2019

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Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

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About Harley Davidson V-Rod


There are few motorcycle brands which can even dream of competing against Harley. A signature brand of two-wheelers, Harley Davidson is just big fast majestic and typically not-to-be-messed-with motorcycles. With this Harley Davidson V-Rod, these big boys are looking rule the Indian roads.

Harley Davidson V-Rod: A Ride like No Other

For markets where 2-wheelers still need their additional pillion seats, India along with China are coming up as the two most important places for the niche motorcycle manufacturers. There's BMW, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati etc. so on, all trying to grab a big chunk in a market where it's hard to find a single person who does NOT want a speedy pair of wheels. Coming to the Harley Davidson V-Rod, all the would-be buyer can do is be and stay dominated.

The V-Rod

In one word – this is a monster. This is a piece of a machine which can put the biggest Indian lorries on the highway to shame.

Since the 2000's, Harley took the idea of introducing some serious changes very seriously. First coming out in 2002, this was already a hit back then. One of the first Harleys to get a sort of urban acceptance, it was the 'Thing.' Now, this Thing is in India.

Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Out of the 2 versions Muscle and Night Rod, Harley just brings the first one. It looks like a big linear chunk of muscle, masochist, unapologetic and devilish.

A 34-degree rake angle is something few Indian riders are used to. This bike though is worth it. It's heavy and worth it considering the size of a solid lump of an engine.

Speaking of the engine, there's nothing better than big pistons revving till 9000 rpm. That's just what it does. It's a 1.25-liter beast and it can burst out 122 HP – a Hundred and Twenty Two horsepower. That's more than most Indian lorries!

It comes with a much necessary ABS. There's nothing more dangerous than a 300 kg plus Thing on just 2 wheels with all 122 horses of thrust.

Big Bad and Handsome

Instead of just making big bad typically chopper-ish behemoths, Harley adds something new, modern and suave to their design. Keeping the sheer brawn and muscle, the idea was to introduce some more gentlemanly curve.

The result is a big bad monster hiding a monster. It's naked and visible but the typical Indian buyers have no clue what they're getting. This is a machine built for just one thing – domination.

Harley Davidson V-Rod Pros and Cons


  • Raw Brutish Power.
  • Excellent high-speed ride stability.
  • Nothing like anything on the road - will gather a crowd.


  • A bit too big and heavy for busy narrow roads plus potholes.
  • Premium fuel mandatory.
  • Huge maintenance.

Harley Davidson V-Rod in India

For anyone thinking about buying this bike, it's either going for it just for the pleasure of having open roads. The dimensions make this the same size as common 4-wheelers on the road. Narrow by-lanes and traffic will easily tame this monster.

If it does get the opportunity though, this Harley Davidson V-Rod can end up being worth more than anything anywhere. It's just the worst of sins climaxing at more than '6' lakhs and at '9'k rpm for the ultimate twosome experience.

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