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About Harley Davidson Trike


In an ever-changing battlefield where consumers fickle taste flit from one fad to another in no time, the Harley-Davidson Trike proved to be nothing less than a revelation. This decision keeping in mind the next big sales was a good one. Catching all their rivals off guard, this series churned mammoth sales in every aimed motorcycle arcade.

The Harley-Davidson Trike Continues Its Dominance among Indian Hearts!

The Harley-Davidson Trike refer to 3-wheeled motorcycles with a conventional wheel up front and 2 wheels at its rear. The aim of such a concept was to present a better balance and road grip to bike buffs globally.

This conceptual ploy turned rather prosperous for the makes and they ended up amassing outrageous sales volumes in most of their regular sales regions.


Taking the abbreviation from tricycles, the maker launched their first Trike model in the year in 1932. This was during the time of great depression these models served utility to many average commuters as Servi - cars.

History states that this concept was primarily to present people with a robust towing car. In the initial days, this series became highly popular and convenient for businessmen and vendors. Even police departments opted for this particular series for their city trolling operations.

Production continued till 1973 and as per Harley-Davidson auto history, it served as one of their longest selling line-ups (a whopping 41 years).

After the first series, the company shifted over to the Sportster version. This lead to the rise of many upscale street gliding trike models namely -

  • Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra Classic in 2008
  • Street Glide Trike series in 2009
  • Free-wheeler in 2014
  • Tri Glide Ultra (updated model) in 2016-2017

Popularity in Different Countries

With the global market remaining constantly stable all through, the Harley-Davidson Trike series churned up impressive sales worldwide. Their full revenue generation for the year 2016 was a whopping $752.2 million - a solid 2.3% increase from their preceding FY. Majority of their sales were for the maker's Street Rods, trikes, and customisable roadsters.

Their global acceptance was tremendous in Latin America, Canada, EMEA, and across the Asia Pacific.

Best Seller with Reasons

Harley-Davidson has undergone several facelifts over the tick of time. Every time the company has taking their conceptual ingenuity to the next level has produced some classic models over their illustrious servitude.

So, it would be a touch difficult to point out their most prominent Trike series amid so many monstrous machines. However, considering the impact on the company's overall sales, it has to be the Harley-Davidson's Tri Ultra Glide Classic.

Comfort riding and a myriad of advantages which they bring along with signature materials and technology, this Harley-Davidson Trike garnered heaps of popularity. Its compelling features include -

  • Project Rushmore trim
  • 1960cc engine with ability of 103 power output and 138Nm of torque
  • Ergonomic hand controllers
  • Foot assist parking brakes
  • Electric reverse
  • H-D new gen security system

Latest Series

The latest 2017 Harley-Davidson Trike model exists as the Tri Glide Ultra. It is easily customizable and is available on the official website. Fans can visit for accurate prices and also for finding their nearest dealership.

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