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KTM 1190R

KTM 1190R

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Latest Reviews for KTM Super Bike

I would like to share about KTM R 1190R super bike. My friend has got this bike and i am also planning to buy this bike. Pros KTM 1190 ADVENTURE R is a fantastic bike for long drive. ENGINE is very ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Review by ranganatha
  • Date : 5, Apr 2017

It excellent bike . It is good performance also have but I will purchase this bike only my brother purchase this bike I have take ride on it it is good bike and company also give response to the ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by Ashay Verma
  • Date : 14, Nov 2016

About KTM Super Bike


KTM continues to be one of the largest performance two-wheeler brands in India. Playing an influential hand in escalating the current market range and spectrum for performance bikes, KTM Super Bike models are making newer inroads into this fledgling Indian market.

KTM Super Bike models smoking new tarmacs in India

Considering that this is a two-wheeler market where economy-first models take manufacturers (Hero) to global top sales figures, high-performance models have a slim outlook. But this is what the picture was at least a couple of years ago. Now, the niche Indian sports and super bike segments are going full-rev. This is just where KTM Super Bike models are thriving.

Looking into KTM Bike models

Although the first KTM motorcycle dates back to 1951, KTM motorcycles as they are today come date back only till 1992. KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH is how the manufacturing company presently functions.

These Austrian manufacturers do have a rich enough history to manufacture models in their personal style and brand index. 1996 was when their signature orange, or rather 'Oranje' came to the limelight. Accounting their 1995 takeover of Dutch manufacturers White Suspension, their bikes started hitting the global picture.

It's only in 2007 with the Bajaj group buying a 14.5% stake into KTM that they start bringing their machines into the Indian sub-continent market. Rating as one of the largest manufacturers in the country and internationally too, 2015 saw them register a 1 Billion Euro turnover.

The rise of KTM India

There are more than a few things which come into the picture while imagining an Indian biking culture. With home manufacturers slowly introducing power-first models, KTM faces enough competition.

Currently operating more than 330 dealers across 220 cities nationwide, they are competing against leading performance bike brands who are also looking for a strong foothold in this highly prospective Indian consumer market.

With Bajaj's investment now rising all the way up to a 48% stake, KTM effectively doubles their sales since their first trysts. 2017 sees them aiming to hit 37,000 units, a 16% increase over their near 32,000 sells in 2016.

Considering only performance bikes in a mileage-happy Indian consumer market, results are phenomenal. Limiting only to the premium bike segment, KTM holds 80% of it.

The Austrians look to burn more rubber by providing their top-of-the-line KTM Super bike models for a growing creed of serious bikers.

New Buyers every day for many Reasons

KTM brings in exhilarating performance outputs for easy prices. Bringing in most of their first batch of models straight from Austria, Indian bikers took to their Duke series big. Introducing European performance standards, these models continue to lead the way when it comes to buyable fast two-wheelers. Their popularity was instantaneous and continues.

Latest Upcoming KTM Super Bike in India

  • 1290 Super Duke R

Boasting a max power output of 177HP and 141 Nm torque; this 1301cc displacement scrambler is surely one of KTM's brawniest machines. This 6 gear PASC slippery clutch hydraulically operational monster is still yet to invade the Indian superbike segment. And despite its likely 15 Lakhs INR; this KTM Super bike surely is one of the looked for models to its populace.

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