KTM Naked Bike motorcycle Price List in India February 2019

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KTM 200 Duke

KTM 200 Duke

  • 386 Used motorcycles
  • 2011-2018
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

KTM 250 Duke

KTM 250 Duke

  • 6 Used motorcycles
  • 2015-2017
  • Latest Post: 2 Jan, 2018

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke

  • 265 Used motorcycles
  • 2013-2017
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

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About KTM Naked Bike


Sports Nakeds, Street Fighters, Or Flat-Bar Bikes - The KTM naked bike series is creating quite the buzz in the motorbike segment. Their top-end Duke 200, 250, and 390 series are setting standards of excellence and experiencing radicle sales in India and abroad.

KTM Naked Bike Series Keeps Churning Up Impressive Sales in India

Every KTM naked bike concept, be it the Duke 200 or its brawny 390 model, it all comes with the maker's exacting degree of excellence and impeccable engineering. Underscoring its Ready to Race philosophy in all their models and coming up with the next round of improvements every time, their naked bikes enjoy immense popularity, both in India and worldwide.

A Look at Duke's Naked Bike Timeline

KTM produced their 1st ever naked street bike - Duke 620 in the year 1994. This started off a new trend for KTM especially as other known manufacturers were launching their own street mean machines into the automobile markets.

In the after years many upscale naked models kept coming out such as -

  • Duke II in 1999
  • 990 Duke in 2004
  • Duke II Limited in 2006
  • Duke III 690 with new LC4 single cylinder power plant in 2008
  • Duke 200 in 2012 *
  • 1290 Super Duke R in 2016
  • 390 Duke as well as 250 Duke (*) in 2016

Offering 'Pure Power with Optimal Precision', each of these models experienced tremendous sales and gave their customers something new to push their limits every single occasion.

World - Wide Popularity

Ever since the launch of Duke 200 and existing models such as Duke 125 and Super Duke R, their naked bike acceptance has surged tremendously. Taking statistics of their 2015 sales figures, their overall motorbike sales reached a new high.

A staggering 180,801 units were sold out worldwide. This was more than 14% of what the company saw in 2014. Furthermore, in order to meet the rising demands of naked bike customers, stats reveal that KTM had to produce around 30,000 units more to BMW and 120,000 in comparison to Triumph.

This gave KTM the chance to consolidate its position as Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Best Sellers and Why?

In terms of the best sellers - there are 2 Duke naked bike models which immediately come to kind.

1.The Duke 200

Falling aptly into the naked motorbike category, this bike came with a single 4-stroke engine and light chassis. This bike appeared much like the 125 variant for grown-ups. This bike right after its introduction in 2013 and then relaunch in 2016 as a more advanced form notched up 2080 units in 2017.

The chief highlights of this bike were - optimal power propulsion, wonderful riding experience, and thoroughbred naked bike technology. All these made it great value for money.

2.The Duke 250

In many ways this 250 variant made people understand the enthrall motorcycle riding possess for decades.

A true champion in every aspect, this bike presented customers with top-notch ride pleasure, a power-packing engine, state of the art tech specs and nimble handling and cornering.

This model notched up 693 units in sales in 2017 but with time these numbers will only increase.

Latest Series in 2017

In terms of existing Duke naked bike models, one would find the 200 and 250 variant available in official dealerships. Plus, recent launches such as the Duke 125 and KTM new 390 Duke will also welcome them with their aggressive stances. So visit the nearest company store and check for prices.

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