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Ducati Monster 796

Ducati Monster 796

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About Ducati Monster


If there is one thing the Italians are always perfect at, that is merging aesthetics with engineering. The Ducati Monster is a perfect example of this new-age high-performance bike lineup, typically designed, easy to snake around tight urban inches but with a venomous sting on the throttle.

Ducati Monster: Revving up the Indian sports bike segment

Experts rate the Indian two-wheeler market as a hidden treasure of wannabe sport bike owners. But it's just not up to international levels. Although there are some serious stunt bikers around as well as racers, this Indian breed of wind-riders still has a long way to go before they compete with their bigger cousins all over the world. Leave it to the Ducati Monster series.

Beyond run-of-the-mill Sports Bikes

Now, there are sports bikes, dangerously powerful machines which are better off on tracks than potholes. Then there are bikes which can match them on the track and tackle busy traffic on tight roads. The latter's where this Monster series comes in.

Scrolling back to 1993 to look at the beginning of this Monster series, a certain Miguel Angel Galluzzi was clamoring the Ducati board to bring in a bike which is easy to ride but a pure-bred Ducati.

Leaving the designing part to Galluzzi, technical director Massimo Bordi unveils the first model, the M900 in 1993. Following this up, Ducati continues to include further inclusions – M600 and M750. Success was imminent.

The Ducati Monster was already popular, increasing sales over the years. Stylistics remained unchanged till 2001. Adding more modern angles to a naked-chassis projection, Ducati also integrates fuel injection, then state-of-the-art, into the engine. 2007 saw the 696 hit showrooms. The V-twin continues till date as the most powerful engine setup with air-cooling. It is also one the most popular Ducati models with 10,000 units as per 2009 sales figures.

Ducati Monsters in India

Indian buyers can own 3 Monsters – 686, 1200 and the 1200S. Ducati India maintains 9 dealers across Bangalore, Chhindwara, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, and Siwan. Mumbai has two separate official dealers.

The manufacturers guarantee a 48-hour dispatch service for new models. Sales volumes in 2016 finished up a tad above 600 models throughout the country. Bikes come into the Indian market as duty-free imports from Thailand. Going stronger than expectations, the manufacturers look to hit 1200 sales within 2018 along with increasing their market presence across Northern India.

Mixing Power and Easy Riding

This is a perfect urban two-wheeler oozing classic Ducati élan and sufficient power to burn a rare stretch of serious black tarmac. It's still not a sports bike. Instead, it's a brute on 2 wheels. It's exciting, enticing, exhilarating and downright monstrously powerful.

Targeting the successful urban youth, anyone with a Monster is bound to turn heads on these Indian roads. And that is just what Ducati aims at providing with these functions.

Monster Models available in India

  • 1200 – A 1198cc L-Twin engine, producing a brutish 147 HP of power while weighing in only at 187 kg (dry), this is one of a kind.
  • 1200S – The only model around which can outmatch a Ducati Monster 1200 is this 185 kg. It's lighter, sharper on the bends and purely Ducati at its best.
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