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About BMW Motorcycle


BMW is one of the only 4-wheeler manufacturers in the automobile industry to have a successful motorcycle segment. Known as BMW Motorrad, they forward whatever BMW stands for with 4 wheelers. BMW motorcycle now makes their way to the Indian market.

BMW Motorcycle Zooming into an Expanding Indian Market

There is no doubt that BMW is one of the leading manufacturers in the automobile industry. Irrespective of the number of wheels, BMW continues to extend their engineering and designing prowess into motorcycles. BMW motorcycle or Motorrad is a high-end brand of two-wheelers with a loyal following worldwide. Now, they're bringing it all over to India.

BMW Motorrad History

Starting off with motorcycle engines and then foraying into motorcycles, the first serious BMW 2-wheeler is the R32. In 1923, this motorcycle came with a revolutionary boxer engine, an engine design concept which still works up today without compromise.

BMW continued with motorcycle production well into the Second World War with the legendary R75 model. Coming with an additional side-car, this too was an engineering revolution considering its individual motor drive. A lockable differential was perfect to make it one of the most common vehicles of choice in World War II.

Continuing with this same batch till the 80's, BMW came up with its K series of models in 1982. Shaft-drive plus water-cooling were some of the newest techs in a 2-wheeler back then. Apparently, they were one of the few manufacturers who were able to compete with Japanese brands such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, et al.

2004 marks a vital year in not just BMWs' history but also on the overall motorcycle industry. The Bavarians introduce the 1170cc 100 HP R1200GS to their lineup, leaning into a production motorcycle segment concentrating on street-legal performance.

BMW motorcycle always persisted on innovating 2-wheeler technology. They go down in history as pioneers. Introducing telescopic front suspension, rear swingarms, electronic stability control, anti-skid tech etc., they truly prove their mettle.

Motorrad Global Reach

Concluding a record-breaking 2016 year of sales and growth, BMW Motorrad registers their best-ever first-quarterly sales figures in 2017. With a growth of more than 5.5%, they're one of the fastest growing manufacturers around, at least this year.

With their home German market leading the charge, Italy and France come in next as per a number of units. China comes up as their highest growing market with a growth figure of over 52%. BMW motorcycle now sets their sights on a highly prospective Indian market.

Brand BMW in the Motorcycle Segment

The Bavarians always focus on engineering and performance optimization for designing and building their 2-wheelers. For buyers, BMW means a guarantee of optimal performance and technically cutting-edge design.

BMW Motorcycle in India

As of now, BMW operates dealerships and service centers across more than 9 cities in India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai among others. Reaching out with the help of TVS, BMW Motorrad comes up as one of the most exhilarating brands around. They now include more than 11 models in their Indian portfolio.

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