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It is the best dirt bike of all time..I wanna buy this if I get the chance..

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Review by Akshay419
  • Date : 4, Apr 2018

About KTM Motorcycle


KTM Motorcycle is one of the most recognizable and popular 2-wheelers of dirt biking segment around the world. With Bajaj Auto's acquisition of nearly 50% stake in the company, KTM is showing tremendous growth prospects in India.

KTM Motorcycle on Course to Chart Record Growth in India!

KTM AG is one of the leading manufacturers and most popular names in the dirt biking industry. Go to any off-road race event, and the iconic orange KTM bikes are sure to stand out. Synonymous with adventure and thrill, a KTM motorcycle promises riders an ever-lasting off-roading experience.

Dirt biking has become quite an attraction in India in the last few years, and with every event, KTM is only spreading its wings wider.

A Brief History of KTM

Founded way back in 1934, KTM has a long history and association with dirt biking. At the time of its inception, the company didn't even have its present branding. In fact, it began as a repair and fitter shop for motorcycles and cars. During the Second World War, business mostly ran thanks to demand for diesel engine repairs.

However, post-WWII, Trunkenpolz (the company founder) decided to start manufacturing his own motorcycles. He released his first bike in 1951, the R100. Following this, he went into a shareholding agreement with a gentleman named Ernst Kronreif and KTM motorcycle was born.

Gradually over the years, the motorcycle division of the company steered towards focussing on off-roading two wheelers only. In 2007, Indian manufacturers Baja Auto bought a 14.5% stake in the company which increased to nearly 50% in 6 years' time.

KTM's Network of Dealers and Sales

KTM today has a massive reach with dealers spread far and wide across several countries. In India too, the company is slowly making its presence felt with multiple dealerships in both the Tier-A as well as Tier-B cities of the subcontinent.

In terms of sales, KTM has a worldwide market capitalization surging above the INR 9,000 crores mark. This essentially means that Bajaj Auto's initial investment of INR 1,219 crores now stands at about INR 4,500 crores.

This record growth is a reflection of the amazing sales figures of KTM motorcycles. South India and Maharashtra are where the KTM's most loyal fan base lies accounting for about 60% of country-wide sales.

Brand of KTM

The brand of KTM is nearly unparalleled today in the dirt and sports biking world with most top Moto GP bikers riding a KTM motorcycle.

In India, cricketer Gautam Gambhir and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan have worked with KTM as brand ambassadors. Such associations strive to drive dirt racing DNA into the subcontinental masses.

Future Prospects

Despite having a loyal fan base, the company is looking to grow further in the subcontinent. The company also recently discussed plans to bring the famed RC Cup to India - an annual racing event hosted by KTM using their RC 390 bikes. Along with that, the company is planning to introduce a number of exhilarating bikes for enthusiasts in India and abroad. All in all, the prospects of KTM motorcycle are looking very promising.

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