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Harley Davidson CVO Limited

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About Harley Davidson Motorcycle


Harley Davidson, the biggest motorcycle brand around the globe entered the Indian market in 2009. In less than 7 or so years, they have surely made one strong presence on Indian roads. With their iconic V-twin engine and global brand repute, owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle has become the ultimate goal for many Indian biking enthusiasts.

A Harley Davidson Motorcycle- Every Indian's Dream

Harley Davison is the number 1 seller of motorcycles across demographics globally. This is a company that has set the precedent for cutting-edge design and power in bikes.

In 2009, a subsidiary of the company opened in Grurgram much to the joy of Indian biking enthusiasts. Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle had long been a dream of many Indian bikers!

The Prestige of Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Founded in 1903, Harley Davidson is one of the largest American bike manufacturers. Since its foundation, it has garnered a huge following and a very loyal fan base. Worldwide events hosted by owner clubs and a brand-centric museum sponsored by the company help grow their already large fan base.

The company allows customers to customise each Harley Davidson Motorcycle to match their needs and desires. Traditionally, their brand associates with heavyweight bikes with engines displacements of more than 700cc. However, they have now expanded their line to make mid weight bikes as well.

Setting the brand apart

Renowned for their engines, the company also has a history of being at the forefront of automotive research and development. The classic Harley Davidson Motorcycle is equipped with a V-twin engine, the 45 degrees angle between the cylinders giving the impression of the alphabet "V." Their current line of bikes features improvements over the V-twin engine.

However, the company continued with its 45 degrees angle concept and patented it to give their bikes that iconic engine sound.

Entering Indian Markets

In 2009, Harley Davidson announced their intention to enter the Indian market, and in 2010 started selling in the subcontinent. After setting up a subsidiary in Gurugram, they created a dealer network across the subcontinent. Within 7 years, they now have showrooms across all major Indian cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and others.

Popularity of Harley Davidson bikes in India

It's safe to say that Harley Davidson enjoys a cult following across the country. Various owner clubs and fan clubs host events and activities which elevates the brand further. One such example is in a café at Hyderabad where its owner gives a 15% discount to people coming on a Harley Davidson!

Each Harley Davidson motorcycle is special in its own way, primarily owing to the customisations offered by the company. They offer a wide array of bikes, ranging from Rs 4.32lacs to as high as Rs 49.5lacs - Despite that, in a market which is considered spendthrifty, Harley Davidson has made a real name for itself.

With heavy bikes making a return amongst millennials, the company is sure to continue dominating the market.

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