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Benelli BN600

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About Benelli Motorcycle


Elegant looking and engineered to meet the requirements of every driver, the Benelli motorcycle came with the guarantee of superior riding experience. Also focusing on fuel consumption and having utmost respect to the environment, they proved to be a raging hit covering all mass markets.

Benelli Motorcycle Continues Its Glorious Legacy in the Indian Market

Benelli motorcycle strikes the perfect balance between a sports bike and efficient consumption. Plus, it also came with some really innovating designing. All of this enabled the company to capture the attention of huge masses both in worldwide territories and Indian shores.

During the time of its inception

Presently being proud owners of the classiest motorcycle manufactures in the world, the road to success was long and hard for Benelli. Primarily an Italian company, they started functioning in the year 1911. Initially, their focus was in manufacturing short guns, but then, they separated this segment completely. Next, they started to manufacture durable and stylish motorcycles.

In the year 1919, the company produced their 1st engine; 2-stroke 75 cc for a bicycle which did not bear results as they expected. However, 2 years later, the 1st Benelli motorcycle named the Velomotore having a 98cc 2-stroke came out, that too in 2 variants. This kick-started things and in the years that followed, the company launched many 250 cc and 500 cc touring and sports bikes.

During the 1995 era, the company led out their legendary series of tornado 900 cc sports bikes to compete in the Super Sports championship. In 2005, the company became a portion of Q. J, a Wenling Corporation, known for producing around 1,200,000 vehicles and over 2 million engines every year. In 2011, Benelli celebrated their 100 years into motorcycle manufacturing.

Official Stores

For a company which is 106 years old, it shares a wide network in different cities of the world both for their production as well as sales purpose. In terms of global presence and official dealerships, it has extended its wings in just every corner of the world - Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania. For every single region, the company hosts its own specific online site and their regional dealership locator.

As per 2017 records, the company consists of around 17 dealerships across 16 cities in India. However, the company wants to extend their legacy to more untouched regions.

The brand's popularity

Very few companies would seem to enjoy the kind of popularity which Benelli motorcycle makers enjoy. Legendary models such as Benelli Tornado 650S, Benelli TNT café Racer 1130 cc and the 2003 version of Tornado Tre 900 are some of the highlights of the company over the years. Each garnered superlative response and sales all through.

Their global acceptance accentuated further as they won reputable championships in 1932, 1950, 1969 (250 cc).

Exiting Models for Indian Enthusiasts

Benelli Motorcycle lovers in India have plenty of reasons to smile. Their 'TnT series' as well their Tornado 302R are available in official dealerships. Plus, there are many upcoming prospects namely TRE1130K, BX 250 and TRX 502 by the hid quarter of 2018. However, 2nd hand bikes of earlier models are also available in 3rd party online dealerships.

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