DSKHyosung Motorcycle Price List in India February 2019

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DSKHyosung GT250R

DSKHyosung GT250R

  • 66 Used motorcycles
  • 2007-2017
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

DSKHyosung GT650R

DSKHyosung GT650R

  • 35 Used motorcycles
  • 2011-2017
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

DSKHyosung GV650

DSKHyosung GV650

  • 17 Used motorcycles
  • 2013-2016
  • Latest Post: 17 Feb, 2018

DSKHyosung ST7

DSKHyosung ST7

  • 13 Used motorcycles
  • 2011-2016
  • Latest Post: 13 Jan, 2018

DSKHyosung Aquila250

DSKHyosung Aquila250

  • 30 Used motorcycles
  • 2003-2017
  • Latest Post: 3 Mar, 2018

DSKHyosung GT650N

DSKHyosung GT650N

  • 5 Used motorcycles
  • 2012-2015
  • Latest Post: 3 Oct, 2017

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About DSKHyosung Motorcycle


DSK Hyosung is a fairly new company set up by a merger between the DSK group of India and Hyosung from S. Korea. The company is breaking sales records in India by providing high-quality superbikes at an affordable price. The DSK Hyosung Motorcycle is quickly becoming the favourite superbike for Indian bikers.

DSK Hyosung Motorcycle: A Rising Giant in the Indian Motorcycle Space:

While there are some occasional sport bikes and superbikes that have become popular, the biking scene in India remains largely catered towards a utility-driven model.

However, DSK Hyosung is now looking to change that. With their range of powerful and aspirational bikes, Hyosung wants to create a unique niche of their own. A DSK Hyosung motorcycle provides a superb super biking experience to their Indian customers at attractive price points.

Their Origin:

The birth of this company was down to the coming together of India's DSK group and the Hyosung group (part of KR motors in Korea) in 2012. Until then, DSK had ventured into diverse business verticals like construction, IT, pharmaceuticals and hospitality. Superbikes, however, were an entirely unchartered territory for them.

The chairman Shirish Kulkarni wanted DSK Hyosung to be a brand to attract all superbike enthusiasts of India. The manufacturing plant saw establishment in Pune and the very first DSK Hyosung motorcycle started to roll out.

Stores and Dealership:

Along with the manufacture of DSK Hyosung bikes, a network of dealerships across the country came about. Also, existing Hyosung dealerships were rebranded as DSK Motowheels outlets. This created a strong brand presence in India.

A current city-wise list of their official dealerships is available on the company's website.

Instant Popularity of the DSK Hyosung motorcycle:

The first bikes put out by this company were Aquila 250, GT 250R and GT 650R. These bikes were met with tremendous fanfare and outmuscled a lot of existing superbikes in the segment.

The Aquila 250, considered almost a luxury bike, helped DSK Hyosung break its sales barrier and report 100% sales in the 250cc bike segment.

The future of Super Bikes in India:

The demand for superbikes in India is rising not only in urban centres like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore but also in rural pockets. In fact, the demand for these bikes as per predictions is to treble over the next few years.

However, the main concern of Indian buyers when it comes to superbikes is the price point. Major players like Harley-Davidson, Ducatti and Yamaha fuel the hopes of aspirational Indians but cannot match their budget.

How the DSK Hyosung fit the bill?:

DSK Hyosung is creating its niche by providing high-quality premium sport and superbikes that are also affordable to the average Indian biker. By having manufacturing plants within India, the company limits its expenditure on import of materials. In the process of doing so, it also creates thousands of jobs for the people of this country.

The DSK Hyosung Motorcycle is a shining example of how a company can tap the market for superbikes in India by aiming for the right price point and delivering quality.

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