12, Jul 2017

Xiaomi targets to freight 100 million smartphones in 2018

Aiming high and dreaming big, Xiaomi is looking to ship 100 million smartphones next year following their strong 2017 Q2 performance.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi looks prepared to enhance its presence globally. While the last year's sales were not as per the expectations, this year looks rewarding with the persistent efforts Xiaomi is making. The total shipped handsets of the Chinese company stood at 23.16 million in the second quarter of this year. Whereas, in the first quarter there were 9.3 million smartphones shipped by Xiaomi. The demand is on the rise, as it is seen from the statistical data.

Interestingly, the Indian market has welcomed the smartphones from Xiaomi with open arms, as the company has beaten the sales of all the smartphone companies except Samsung in India. According to the reports, in India, Xiaomi has grown by 328 percent in the first half of 2017 year-on-year. The scene is different in China, where Xiaomi stands at the 5th position which is again a feat in itself considering the high competition in the Chinese smartphone market. Given the competition, Xiaomi has opened 123 stores in the home country which could give a boost to the sales.

The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun considers that the phase of rapid growth has arrived and expressed his aim to make the company sell over 100 million smartphones in the coming year 2018. The company understands the enormous potential of the business in the Indian smartphone market. Moving ahead on the idea of growth and progress, Xiaomi has set up its second smartphone factory in India.

Lei Jun believes, there could be over 20,000 new jobs created in India in the next three years. It goes aptly with the Indian government's campaign of Make in India, in which the Prime Minister of India fuelled the idea of manufacturing products and creating services in India for both the national and the international companies. Xiaomi is happy in meeting the demands of the smartphone buyers directly in India and creating the innovative technology for use by the Indians and the people across the world.