12, Oct 2017

The Next Generation Google Daydream View VR Headset is here for USD 99

Google offers a new and improved Daydream View headset coming in three colors alongside the Pixel 2.

The year 2016 gave us the promise of virtual reality, but in practice the nascent technology hasn't quite hit the mainstream just yet. Despite that, Google is still pushing to make virtual reality a household reality and its latest offering puts the technology ever closer to mass adoption with the next generation Daydream View virtual reality headsets.

The first Daydream View came out in November last year and worked exclusively with the Google Pixel. This time around, several other phones are offering Daydream support, including the LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

The new Daydream View keeps many of the best aspects of the original, and beefs them up with a slew of enhancements. The new headset will sport high-performance lenses with better image clarity and a much wider field of view, enveloping you into the experience even further. The headset is made of a two-tone fabric that is soft and light, helping to alleviate the feel of having the Daydream strapped to your head.

Goole's Daydream has grown quite a bit since last year. There were only 25 apps and games available last November, but Daydream has now grown to 250 titles. Google is expanding their portfolio of YouTube VR videos to include performances from stars like Ed Sheeran, biopics of Gina Rodriguez and Inna Braverman, and dazzling virtual reality documentaries like Discovery TRVLR.

Google has also announced that they are working on a standalone version of Daydream that works without a smartphone. That'll be a whole different category of product, though, but for the meantime we have the next generation of Daydream View to tide us over.

The Google Daydream View comes in three colors: Fog, Charcoal and Coral and will retail for USD 99, or around INR 6,445. It will initially be available later this year in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, and Korea.