30, May 2016

Nokia is expected to start 5G network trials in India

It is rumoured that telecom equipment maker, Nokia Networks, is in talks with Indian telecommunication partners to start trails for 5G networks. The reason behind this rumour is that India is yet to complete roll out 4G technology-based mobile voice and data services.

Nokia Networks, which is also known as the subsidiary of Nokia and part of the Telecommunications Standards Development Society in India, is recently heard in talks with the telecom operators in order to start the fifth generation networks in India.

According to the report of Press Trust of India, Nokia Networks has already started testing connectivity of 5G networks with the association of different operators in countries like Japan's NTT Docomo, US-based Company Verizon, and Korea's SK Telecom. According to an interview given by the Head of Mobile Broadband at Nokia Networks, Milivoj Vela, 5G network connectivity might become the mainstream network by 2020 as most of the devices in India are still operated on 3G and 2G networks. This official also added that, if Nokia Networks gets successful feedback from test, then 5G network connectivity will focus only on data services. On the other voice calls will be handled through 4G network only.

Considering inception of 3G networks in India then it was Bharti Airtel, which turned as a pioneer of 3G operator way back in 2012. After that other companies like Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, etc. moved towards the same suit. According to reliable sources, it is said that after successful implementation of 5G network connectivity, users will get blistering speed of 100 megabit/second, and it will be able to handle 1K times more data traffic.

It is also expected that 5G network operations will be finished in 2019 and by 2020 users will be able to enjoy next generation internet connectivity. Although fact lays that Indian telecom operators are still investing in 4G network connectivity in order to roll out the 4th generation network as a large section of the country is required to be converted into high-speed data services, it will take huge time to deploy 5G network connectivity in the country.

One of the officials from Nokia Networks has also added that the 5G network connection will work with spectrum band of more than 6000 MHz and entire technology will be propelled in different levels. Finally, it is said that with the help of the fifth generation network overall standard of the network services will be elevated, and the internet speed will get new dimensions.

News of 5G network testing from Nokia Networks has created a whole lot of rumours in the telecommunication industry as it is said that the successful test will redefine the internet use.