7, Mar 2018

Here's a look at nubia's Gaming Phone arriving this April

nubia's entry into the gaming segment makes a big splash as it shows off three stunning, gamer-oriented designs.

While not exactly a mainstream trend, there is some demand for a gaming smartphone, one that doesn't just run fast but also has the trappings and aesthetics of the gaming culture. Razer is already making headlines as the forerunner of this segment with their Razer Phone, but they are by no means the only player. The Chinese smartphone maker nubia is also looking to compete in this segment and their upcoming nubia gaming phone is expected sometime soon, and we have the renders now to whet our appetite.

Here we have the latest look at the nubia gaming phone. There's precious little information on it, but several images and renders have come out and they're backed by an appearance at the Mobile World Congress, so we now have a device that really looks the part. Gamers are known for a certain aesthetic that involves big, black tank-like bodies with edge lines and lights all around. We've seen the design on gaming laptops, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, and we are now seeing the same thing on the gaming phones. There are three prototype designs for the nubia phone, and all of them have a very masculine body with aggressive lines and angles.

The first is a black design with red LED lighting trim along the edges to show that it's a real gamer's phone. There's an illuminated LED strip running down the center of the rear back plate, right below the camera, though it's unclear what purpose this serves. A USB port is at the bottom, and it looks to be of the USB Type-C make.

There's also another design showing a thinner white smartphone with a carbon fiber back plate and dual cameras, with some red and black highlights all around and a fingerprint scanner. The final design features a chrome back with a hexagonal fingerprint scanner, so we might have three different designs, or three different model of the nubia gaming phone when it comes out.

As for the specifications, the nubia gaming phone is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, and this doesn't sound too far-fetched as nubia has already put out 8 GB RAM equipped smartphones in the past.

An image of the nubia phone without the back plate reveals another gaming-oriented feature: four white fans at the corners of the phone to help cool off the device while it's under heavy load. It's unclear just how effective this quad-cooling method will be, but you can't have a gaming device without some intense cooling solutions. We'll find out more about the nubia gaming phone as it approaches launch.