13, Nov 2017

Foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy X interface spotted!

Those carefully watching out for Samsung's upcoming folding smartphone might have a new bone from the US patent office.

Samsung has been working on a foldable smartphone for a long time now, and while there are a lot of rumors around the so-called Galaxy X, nobody really knows what it's going to look like, and how it's going to work. We've seen a lot of concept videos but it's highly unlikely that the final product will end up like those. Now, though, we may have a solid clue: a patent listing filed back in 2016 that could be describing the interface for the Galaxy X.

The patent is listed in the US patent office as "Electronic Device Comprising Multiple Displays and Method for Controlling Thereof." From the title alone, you can tell it's going to have at least two screens. The patent also includes some screenshots which show us two screens, which can be rotated on the fly to change how the screen looks. From the images it looks no different from two Android screens like we saw with the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S7. It's not much to go on but we see that the device is meant to be used in either landscape or portrait mode, and has a recent apps menu that lets you scroll through the different app windows on the device.

The fact that there are two displays suggests that the phone will be a folding compact which opens up to two separate screens. This might be disappointing to some as all the concepts and rumors we've been hearing for the past several years pointed to a single flexible display that folds up into a smaller compact device for pocketing. This would make the device more like a gadget in the vein of the Nintendo DS or the ZTE Axon M foldable smartphone, rather than the futuristic folding tablet that would shrink into a more pocketable size when folded.

Product Image: ZTE Axon M

It's also possible that this patent means nothing. Samsung files lots of patents every year and not all of them actually develop into a final product. This patent was filed last year, and it took the patent snoops this long to unearth it, but if this kind of device does see the light of day you can be sure it'll have a more modern Nougat-style look.

Will we ever see Samsung's folding phone concept come to life? The rumors keep coming but as long as Samsung is still filing patents and making concepts, the dream is still alive.