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The fastest phone I am ever had in my whole life. The speed of the my new Videocon is superb. The display is not bad also. The speed of game and video is also good than any other phone in this play ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.3
  • Review by Rita Nag
  • Date : 20, May 2016

About Videocon Vphone


Videocon mobilephones and other products continue to register above expectations sales in this Indian market. A typical Indian manufacturing company, Videocon looks to further consolidate its market ventures with more out of their home market and abroad across multiple product categories.

Videocon mobilephones and other products going big and bigger

Videocon Industries Limited has products and services ranging across multiple industry segments. Constituting one of the largest Indian market share of products mostly Videocon mobilephones, they also provide various products across multiple markets abroad. They comprehensively look to increase their market footprint in India as well foray into new regions worldwide.

The Growth of Videocon

1986 is the year of incorporation of today's Videocon Industries Ltd. as Adhigam Trading Private Ltd. Their maiden production was in the form of paper tubes a long way off from Videocon mobilephones. But within a year in 1987, black and white TVs, White TVs and Washing Machines becomes a part of their product range.

By September 1988, this core manufacturing firm changes their attention to financing and investment as well as entering into production of home-entertainment systems, electronic motors and air conditioning setups. It is in this latter thrust of production that Adhigam initiates the Videocon brand name.

Within 1991, Adhigam transfers everything under the Videocon group. Along with entering into production of refrigerators and coolers, the company name completely changes into Videocon Leasing & Industrial Finance Ltd.

Further product expansions follow with the company entering into CRT glass shells with 1996 showing the company investing in the oil sector. 1998 saw the manufacturers enter into compressor and compressor motors. 2000 saw Videocon acquire the Philips Color TV plant.

November 2009 saw the first Videocon mobilephones entering into the market, a comprehensive range of devices from entry color mobiles to high-end Androids.

International Market Footprint

As a $5 billion conglomerate, Videocon caters to multiple markets across a highly diverse field of products. They have 17 manufacturing sites or plants with direct ownership at China, Poland, Italy and Mexico other than India. Videocon continues to be the 3rd largest manufacturer of picture tubes in the world.

Their core revenue rests mostly on consumer electronics including Videocon mobile phones and home appliances. Their products sale across multiple global regions including South-East Asia, North America and Northern Africa.

Brand Recognition and Prospects

As a typically Indian brand, Videocon obviously concentrates on multiple quality parameters along with value-for-features. With additional investment activities across multiple products and industry portfolios, Videocon has a pan-Indian brand value and recognition. Their ulterior prospects also continue abroad as a spare part supplier for multiple leading manufacturers spanning varied market regions.

Videocon Mobilephones and Products in the Indian Market

Rating as one of the most popular brands in the Indian sub-continent, Videocon D2H TV broadcast services continues to give them a larger consumer spectrum. The manufacturers continue to record more than 70% growth with Videocon mobilephones and eye at increasing that to 100% by the end of the year.

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