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Fly Vogue S220

Fly Vogue S220

  • Feature Phone
  • 320 x 240
  • 2G
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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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[Good]too many latest from Fly, I have fly vogue 220 series. It is portable and handy as compared to other phones . Battery is of 2000 mah,which is good a lot . backup of battery is about 6-8 hour. ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.3
  • Review by Amar Kumar
  • Date : 11, Apr 2016

About Fly Vogue


The smartphone industry is stretching itself continuously towards a global market reaching out to newer buyers. The Indian consumer market has a huge potential for growth which is why Fly mobile phones are introducing their whole new range in this country.

Fly Mobile Phones looking to make it Big in the Indian Market

Fly mobile phones are coming up as one of the largest growing conglomerates and powerhouse in the smartphone industry. Spreading across multiple markets across the globe, these manufacturers are going all-out to get a solid market share in this booming Indian consumer section as well.

Looking back into History

A British-Russian manufacturing firm, Fly's mother corporation took flight in 2002 as the Meridian Telecom Company. With an office based in London since December that year, Fly introduced their first set of models in June 2003. Naming them under the S series, these devices were a success nonetheless pushing off this company into newer directions.

Producing or manufacturing their products from factories of other leading names, Fly's first tryst with building their products themselves came in 2008 with the acquisition of WIZ4COM technologies.

The results were already obvious in 2012. Fly mobile phones announced that all their future devices would come with Dual-SIM card setups in standby mode.

Instead of self-manufacturing and marketing devices under their brand name, Fly provided their products to different brands. Generating enough revenue over the years, they were one of the leading manufacturers across multiple markets with and without their brand names in the picture.

Global Footprint

Fly's maiden market ventures took their first huge steps with Russia along with Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 2012 saw the brand reaching within the top 5 manufacturers in the huge Russian mobile market. By 2013, they became the third largest smartphone brand in the same market thanks to a slew of new devices.

Since 2014, Fly continues to be the second-largest manufacturer in Russia behind Samsung ousting the likes of Apple and Nokia. They repeated the same process in multiple other European markets with new interests in the Middle-Eastern and North African markets. Further ventures included forays into South-East Asia including India.

Fly Brand features

Characterizing them as a 'purely European manufacturer,' the brand continued to resemble specifics as per a predominantly European market reach. And they conclusively looked to continue their products in the same fashion, as a standalone European smartphone brand. Their range of devices categorically shows utilitarian technologies and add-ons while sticking to highly affordable price tags and relevant multimedia add-ons.

Market reach in India

Fly as well as other manufacturers consider this rising Indian smartphone market as vital for this industry. Finding this market's consumer sentiment and requirements reflecting the same affordability pointers, Fly looks to introduce their leading range of products with an eye towards the future.

With 150+ service centers and offline outlets in India, Fly mobile phones are increasing their market-presence with more in future. They're looking to open up official stores as well as an Indian subsidiary to directly drive sales. Affordability and solid build quality are what they are banking on to get a strong foothold in this market.

Aug 15, 2017

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