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About Olive Mobile Phones

Olive Mobile Phones

With its headquarters in Gurgaon, Olive Telecommunications happens to be an Indian manufacturer of mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and other similar devices. Olive wasn’t a very well recognized brand until its collaboration with Haier brought it to the limelight. This gave it a very good boost in terms of its presence and reputation on the whole. The company has also had chipmaker Qualcomm as a strategic partner.

History of Olive Mobile Phones

Olive Telecommunication’s foundation dates back to the year 2006. It was mainly formed as a convergence developer for various electronics devices. Although it has a relatively short history, the company has managed to team up with some very renowned names in the domain of technology. Its partnerships with Haier and Qualcomm are proof of that fact.

Olive presently manufactures cell phones, including several smartphone which it started to manufacture from 2010. The company also has R&D centers in China for mobile computing development. It has also released a tablet and netbook in the Indian market.

Popularity in India

India is surely among the fastest growing mobile phones markets in the world at present. The country has been exposed to a huge array of different companies, both foreign and local. While the well-known international brands have always had a great reception in the country, local brands are too stealing the limelight equally. The likes of Micromax, Intex, Lava and more belong to this specific group.

As for Olive mobile phones, the company remained quite unknown to many until it gained publicity through various partnerships. At present, it has released several new devices to the market and its range consists of phones for a wide array of customers. Considering the low pricing factor, with a great many features, Olive’s phones have a good presence in the country.

Design of Olive Mobile Phones

Olive Mobile Phones largely have pretty good design features. They are mostly made out of polycarbonate material, as it is known for its strength and lightness.

Touchscreen phones come with IPS LCD displays with capacitive buttons just below it. For feature phones, there is an alphanumeric keypad and a small sized screen. There are also a few phones that have the QWERTY keypad option for easy typing.

Olive’s feature phones often feature a mix of colors, especially black with silver and red. Smartphone model though arrive in black color.

Olive Mobile Phone Features

Olive mobile phones do have a good reputation when it comes to features. Most of the company’s feature phones are meant to provide basic functionalities and that is what they do best. The smartphones, just as the name suggests, boast of many modern features.

The phones are powered by processors that come from good makers. In addition, they are provided with ample amount of memory for multitasking. Internal storage provided is also very decent for many of the phones. Additionally, it can also be expanded by the help of a micro-SD card.

Basic phones from Olive are known to run customized OS. Its smartphones run on various versions of Android OS.

Camera is also something that is provided with these phones. There are both front and rear shooters for the smartphone category while only rear cameras are provided for feature phones.

Connectivity options are good too. These comprise of Bluetooth, cellular network (with support for dual and even triple SIM), GPS, Wi-Fi, micro-USB and a lot more. The phones also have decent speakers for audio listening.

In the battery life department too, Olive’s phones do pretty well.

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