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updated on 31, Jan 2018

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About Josh Mobile Phones

Josh Mobile Phones

Indian mobile phone maker Josh Mobiles is among the latest local brands to emerge in the country’s phone market. Although its portfolio is reasonably pretty limited, it does have devices that are built to suit a wide variety of users. Josh’s phones can be used by a basic to a smartphones user, which makes its product range rather diverse. The company has been decently popular too in the market.

History of Josh Mobile Phones

Josh Mobile was founded in the year 2010. It is headquartered in New Delhi and being in the national capital allows the company to base its business rather well. The main idea behind Josh Mobiles was to have a good, diverse set of mobile phones that could cater to several types of buyers in India, which is what it has always concentrated on.

The company has released several feature phones, smartphones, music phones and even phones with dual SIM support. There have been several releases from Josh Mobiles and some of its smartphone releases are Thunder, Fortune HD, Pearl and Nest.

Popularity in India

India, being an emerging mobile phone user market, has grabbed the attention of several industry players so far. Many international brands have already set up shop from long ago and several enter the fray every year as well. Even the local players aren’t lagging in this domain. Many of them have done very well in the market and are equally posing a great amount of challenge to foreign brands.

Josh Mobiles have been relatively good too. Although the company is still in its nascent years and will thoroughly need to expand its product portfolio, it does have a variety in whatever devices have been released so far. Josh phones are available across online platforms and also with retailers at places.

Design of Josh Mobiles

Josh Mobiles follow the usual norm when it comes to the design aspects of its phones. A majority of the feature phones have a small screen and an alphanumeric keypad accompanying the front face. Several other phones, including smartphones feature a touchscreen display.

When it comes to the screens of their smartphones range, they are usually very large screens going up to 5.7 inches. Display quality is fairly good in these IPS LCD screens. Capacitive buttons can also be found just below the screen.

Josh mobile phones largely arrive in dark colors, such as black and grey, with hints of red in some models.

Features of Josh Mobiles

Josh’s devices are known to feature a rich array of functionalities that go well with their device categories. The phones are powered by capable processors that often have multiple cores for better tasking. They also have RAM as high as 1GB. Internal storage in these phones varies, but 2GB is the standard size. While this is relatively pretty low, it is pretty good for the price point it arrives in. Also, there is scope for expansion and hence can be very helpful.

Most of the phones are Android versions that are known to run ICS or even higher. The feature phones run simple limited software. They have good interfaces and are hence, easy to use.

Cameras are also available on phones. All phones have rear cameras and smartphones also have a front camera. They also have decent shot taking capabilities and come with a number of features.

Connectivity on these phones is top-notch. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are common, besides other options are dual SIM 3G cellular network, GPS, FM and more. A headphone jack is also available in the devices. Battery life is decent and can last a day with average usage.

Josh Mobile Phone News

Josh has been pretty inactive in terms of new releases so far. The last company launch happened in 2013.

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