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About BQ Mobile Mobile Phones


BQ initiated as a start-up organisation focussing on innovating new technology that was affordable to consumers. Today, BQ mobile phones have created a strong market for themselves around the world with their core philosophy of "excellence meeting affordability".

BQ Mobile Phones – When Excellence Meets Affordability

BQ is a Spanish company that specialises in the manufacture of user electronics. Their products include smartphones, tablets, 3D printers, block-programmable robots and other electronic accessories. They have a reputation in the technological industry for not just producing quality products but also for laying immense stress on innovation.

BQ mobile phones were the first smartphones to be assembled and manufactured entirely in Spain. Not only are these phones affordable but they also provide a ton of functionality.

The BQ history

BQ started as a small start-up in Spain looking to integrate fresh design ideas with the latest technologies. At this time, Spain was reeling from the adverse effects of a nationwide economic turmoil. These cost-conscious consumers formed the primary target audience for BQ.

At first, they developed only the parts of a phone; thereafter slowly moving from manufacturing of parts to developing the entire product. The BQ mobile phones were never meant to take on the big boys of the market like Apple or Samsung. Instead, their aim was to provide a much cheaper alternative to the people of Spain.

BQ decided to cut down on marketing expenditure and never put out any traditional adverts. This allowed them to work out a focussed economic model, providing impressive functionality without pinching consumers' pockets too much.

Making an imprint on the market

BQ has slowly made its way out of Spain, making an imprint on global market by setting up official stores in several countries.

In Asia, they have a foot in China with an office in Shenzen. In Europe, they have offices in Portugal, Germany, France and Russia.

Setting up shop in these countries has allowed BQ mobile phones to develop a global appeal and presence. The company moved into partnerships with local retailers in these countries to penetrate the established markets.

Popularity in India

BQ began to get popular in India by being the first company to develop Ubuntu-based phones exclusively for this subcontinent. They moved into a partnership with online e-commerce giant SnapDeal to take over retail.

The two phones released with an Ubuntu OS were the Aquaris E4.5 and Aquaris E5. Both these phones received moderate success, but more importantly set up a major market base in India.

Thereafter, the company continued to up their presence by bringing out newer models of phones that were met with quite a bit of fanfare. These models included the Aquarius U Plus, the Aquarius X and the Aquarius X Pro.

BQ– moving forward

The future prospects of BQ mobile phones in India as well as abroad looks very promising. No matter how many high-end phones come out, there will always be a market around the world for cheap phones that are high on functionality and design.

If the trends of the past and present are anything to go by, BQ is here to stay. It promises to develop a strong niche of its very own Ubuntu and Android-based mobile phones and other electronic devices.

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