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  • Carolina Herrera Carolina Herrera Sunglasses

    Carolina Herrera

    Carolina Herrera Sunglasses

    Rs 11,735 23% OFF


  •  Farenheit Cat-eye Sunglasses(Grey)

    Farenheit Cat-eye Sunglasses(Grey)

    Rs 630 84% OFF


  •  Fastrack Aviator Sunglasses(Brown)

    Fastrack Aviator Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 2,350 2% OFF


  • Louis Joe Louis Sports Sunglasses(Blue, Multicolor)


    Joe Louis Sports Sunglasses(Blue, Multicolor)

    Rs 699 68% OFF


  • Polaroid Polaroid Wayfarer Sunglasses(Blue)


    Polaroid Wayfarer Sunglasses(Blue)

    Rs 2,657 31% OFF


  •  Farenheit Aviator Sunglasses(Brown)

    Farenheit Aviator Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 599 70% OFF


  •  Provogue Aviator Sunglasses(Grey)

    Provogue Aviator Sunglasses(Grey)

    Rs 499 60% OFF


  •  IDEE Rectangular Sunglasses(Green)

    IDEE Rectangular Sunglasses(Green)

    Rs 1,760 33% OFF


  •  Farenheit Cat-eye Sunglasses(Violet)

    Farenheit Cat-eye Sunglasses(Violet)

    Rs 599 85% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(Black)

    Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(Black)

    Rs 495 63% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Opticalskart Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 495 61% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(Blue)

    Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(Blue)

    Rs 495 63% OFF


  •  Viaano Oval, Aviator Sunglasses(Blue)

    Viaano Oval, Aviator Sunglasses(Blue)

    Rs 300 76% OFF


  •  NuVew Aviator Sunglasses(Black)

    NuVew Aviator Sunglasses(Black)

    Rs 209 65% OFF


  •  Olvin Over-sized Sunglasses(Brown)

    Olvin Over-sized Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 399 55% OFF


  •  NuVew Round Sunglasses(Green, Blue)

    NuVew Round Sunglasses(Green, Blue)

    Rs 303 67% OFF


  •  Amour-propre Aviator, Wayfarer Sunglasses(Black, Clear)

    Amour-propre Aviator, Wayfarer Sunglasses(Black, Clear)

    Rs 299 85% OFF


  •  Pede Milan Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Pede Milan Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 349 56% OFF


  •  Voyage Wayfarer Sunglasses(Black)

    Voyage Wayfarer Sunglasses(Black)

    Rs 499 83% OFF


  •  Aislin Rectangular, Oval Sunglasses(Black)

    Aislin Rectangular, Oval Sunglasses(Black)

    Rs 998 79% OFF


  •  Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Fastrack Wayfarer Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Rs 2,050


  •  Backley Aviator Sunglasses(Multicolor)

    Backley Aviator Sunglasses(Multicolor)

    Rs 475 63% OFF


  •  Aislin Aviator Sunglasses(Green)

    Aislin Aviator Sunglasses(Green)

    Rs 554 77% OFF


  •  Pede Milan Oval Sunglasses(Pink)

    Pede Milan Oval Sunglasses(Pink)

    Rs 349 61% OFF


  •  Gansta Sports Sunglasses(Yellow)

    Gansta Sports Sunglasses(Yellow)

    Rs 379 62% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Opticalskart Sports Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Rs 495 63% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Aviator Sunglasses(Grey)

    Opticalskart Aviator Sunglasses(Grey)

    Rs 449 69% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Aviator Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Opticalskart Aviator Sunglasses(For Boys)

    Rs 449 69% OFF


  •  Aislin Aviator, Rectangular Sunglasses(Green)

    Aislin Aviator, Rectangular Sunglasses(Green)

    Rs 1,417 61% OFF


  •  Opticalskart Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Opticalskart Wayfarer Sunglasses(Brown)

    Rs 495 61% OFF


The best sunglasses for your face shape

When a man wants to look sharp for a daytime look, his best accessory would be a flattering pair of sunglasses. Men's sunglasses, especially ones that perfectly frame the face and flatter its shape, makes a man instantly more mysterious and appealing. It makes him look like a rock star, an action star, the quintessential bad boy, or the cool surfer dude – basically, the type of man that can make the ladies swoon.

But as with any fashion item, there's a trick to finding the perfectly flattering pair of sunglasses. It's not to say the wrong pair will make you look awful. But if you're looking to invest in a pair of sunglasses that will make you look dapper, why not get a pair that's known to be flattering to your face shape?

Strong jawline

Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill – these are guys whose jawlines could cut through glass and whose cheekbones you can kiss for days. For this face shape, the best frame style is rounded, aviator-style with minimal detailing to avoid drawing attention from your sexy face shape. If you have a particularly wide face with strong features, bigger sunglasses with thicker, bolder frames work best. However, if you have a square-shaped face with more delicate features, it's best to stick to slimmer rims and smaller styles.

Diamond-shaped face

These are men with wide cheekbones and a pointy chin. Think: Ryan Gosling and Eddie Redmayne. Men with this face shape look great in sunglasses with strong colors. This helps soften the details on the bottom half of the face by drawing attention to the top. A great style to go with this are sunglasses with rectangular frames to help balance out a pointed chin. And if you really want to go all-in, go for a pair with some detailing like keyhole frames or metal studs.

Rounded face shape

Definition is the key here, as a rounded face shape often makes you look a little younger. Defining this shape is all about adding angles and making your cheeks look slimmer with a frame that's wider than your face. This helps to make your temples look elongated, thus making your face look longer. A great style for this is solid acetate frames with a dark, angular shape.

Oblong face shape

This face shape is like the diamond-shaped face, but instead of angles there is roundness. Oblong-shaped faces look great with a pair of half-framed glasses in the aviator or wayfarer style. The teardrop shape of aviator sunglasses can accentuate the jaw and cheekbones, making them look more prominent and defined. However, the biggest tip to remember is that if your face is narrow, make sure you get a pair of sunglasses that fits snuggly and is not too wide for your face. If you pick out a pair that extends past the widest point of your face, it creates a jarring, imbalanced look.

Metal vs. acetate: The eternal battle

Let's say you're the type of guy whose face looks good with any frame, what are other major considerations when picking out sunglasses? The material of sunglasses might be something you'll want to think about. Both acetate and metal sunglasses can fit in with any occasion, but metal sunglasses often go better with dark suits in more formal occasions. Metal sunglasses fit in with men in uniform or those who are looking to add a touch of sophistication to their look. On the other hand, acetate frames give off a more relaxed and casual vibe. They look great for surfer dudes and men sporting casual urban wear.

So what's your pick? Are you out to grab a pair of wayfarers? Or are you looking for the classic sporty, Oakley shape? Check out the shop and you'll find exactly what you're looking for!

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