7, Mar 2018

How to Look Taller with Varun Dhawan's Fashion Advice

Look a couple of inches taller with a few choice pieces inspired by Varun Dhawan.

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Most guys would like to be taller than they are, but alas, technology has yet to allow us to grow a few more inches once we're adults. Thankfully, stars like Varun Dhawan show us how we can achieve a taller-looking physique with just a few tips:

Skip the short sleeves. Shorter sleeves can actually make you look shorter because of how they cut horizontally through your arm. If you want to appear taller, go for ¾ sleeves or long sleeves.

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Roadster Men Olive Green Printed Hooded Sweatshirt Rs. 679

A jacket that fits you well. Slim-fit jackets narrow down your width and can make you look leaner and taller. If you can't find the right jacket for you, opt to get one altered by a tailor.

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Ajeraa Men's Solid Full Sleeves Zipper Jacket Rs. 1999

Stop at the hips. A shirt or a jacket that goes below your hip bone has a tendency to drag your look down. If you want to look like you have longer legs, go for a shirt that stops right at your hipbone.

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Wildcraft Printed Crew-Neck Sweatshirt Rs. 959

Layer it up. The vertical lines created by layering your clothes can make you appear taller. When in doubt, you can always wear your jacket open or wear a scarf.

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Pashtush Jaquard Weave Stole for Men Rs. 980

Add a few illusory inches to your physique by following these quick tips!