15, Feb 2018

How to Choose the Right Shirt for Your Body Type

Not all shirts are created equal, and thus, not all guys have the same body type to suit those shirts!

For most guys, throwing on a plain shirt and heading out the door would be okay, no matter their body type. However, if you want to look just a tad more put together, you may want to invest in a shirt that flatters your body type. Don't know what shirt will make you look awesome? Here are our suggestions:

Wide Shoulders and Narrow Hips

Men usually prefer to be wider up top than on the hips. But if you want to make the most of this sought after figure, go for a shirt that you can leave open at the neck area to draw the eye downwards.

Men Blue & White Regular Fit Checked Casual Shirt Rs. 559

Rectangular Shape

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For guys whose shoulders and hips are almost the same width, you may want to go for a shirt with a more fitted waist to create the inverted triangle shape.

Grey Solid Formal Shirt Rs. 640

Wider at the Hips than at the Shoulders

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This classic triangle body type can look leaner by wearing vertical stripes to draw the eyes upwards.

Blue Striped Formal Shirt Rs. 1260

Skinny All Over

To give your body a little more bulk, wear something brighter or lighter to give the illusion that you're not as skinny as you actually are. And if you like, opt for horizontal stripes too.

Men Pink Striped Trim Fit Casual Shirt Rs. 719

Lots of Bulk

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If you're on the heavy-set side and looking for a shirt that will make you appear slimmer, pick one that has slim vertical stripes.

Men Black & White Striped Wrinkle Free Formal Shirt Rs. 699

Illusions are your best friend when it comes to fashion! So try out these tips and see the difference they make in your look.