6, Feb 2018

A Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Every Budget

No matter your budget, you'll be able to find a watch that your gal will love!

When you're serious about your girl, the best gift you can give her on a special occasion would be a watch. Giving her a watch means that a part of you is with her every second of the day. It means you are literally giving her your time. And best of all, giving her a watch means you want her to think of you each time she looks at the time.

Want the perfect watch for your budget? Here are some suggestions:

Rs. 2000 – 5000

Here's an affordable and versatile watch from Timex that would look good on anyone.

Timex Women Off-White Analogue Watch TW2P78400 Rs. 2358

Looking for a watch that shines like your lady? Then a highly decorative watch like this one from GIORDANO with a silver and gold-toned bracelet-style strap and a stone-embellished bezel is what you want.

GIORDANO Women White Dial Watch A2031 Rs. 3482

This sleek silver watch from Titan has three subdials and would make a great gift for a girl who appreciates the utilitarian design.

Titan NK2570SM03 Neo Analog Watch for Women Rs. 3960

Rs. 5000 - 10000

This stylish watch from DKNY with a stone-embellished blue square bezel is for a sophisticated lady who wants to make a subtle fashion statement.

DKNY Women Blue Analogue Watch NY2557I Rs. 5596

Or does your lady enjoy making a difference by wearing something that stands out more? If that's the case, this statement watch from Titan with a decorative dial is a perfect fit for her.

Titan NK95041SM01 Purple Analog Watch for Women Rs. 5805

Were the bezels of the watches listed so far too big for your her? Well then, here's an elegant watch from Fossil with a smaller bezel.

Fossil Women Rose Gold-Toned Dial Watch ES3262 Rs. 6495

Would she prefer something more classy and chic? This watch from Fossil looks simple, but has a classic feel to it.

Fossil Women Peach-Coloured Dial Watch ES3707I Rs. 8275

Rs. 10000 and Up

Lastly, for those of you who are not concerned with the price, here's one luxirous watch from Versace in passionate red color with a dazzling gold bezel and a genuine leather patterned strap.

Versus by Versace Women Red Analogue Watch SCD06 Rs. 11041

Show the special lady in your life how much you love her every second of the day with these watches!