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Lenovo ThinkPad T420 41786BQ

Lenovo ThinkPad T420 41786BQ

  • Core i3
  • HDD, 500GB
  • 14 inches
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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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The laptop has great quickly quality which many supported featured and I can earn money can search anything fast as great phone has much more specifically u can be been and also father RAM and I also ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Review by Kavita Singla
  • Date : 29, Jun 2016

It is a very good item to use for good daily purpose.. I looks good.useful for all types,it is very helpfull for students.I has a very good battery life.I has good shining colors.in market.I has a ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by Kandru Yateesh
  • Date : 11, Apr 2016

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About Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo ThinkPad

The ThinkPad is a very popular business oriented notebook series that is manufactured by Chinese tech giants Lenovo. Prior to the brand’s acquisition in 2005, the series was designed and developed by IBM. As such, ThinkPads are some of the most coveted models by tech enthusiasts and users alike, largely due to their durability factor.

History of Lenovo ThinkPad series

The first of the ThinkPad models was the 2521, which was a tablet computer released in 1992. The first three notebooks in the series that underwent release were the ThinkPad 700, 700C and the 700T.

At present, the ThinkPad series consists of 7 different lineups. These are the T, X, E, L, W, 11e and Yoga series. Some of these lineups feature tablet computers, Chromebooks and Ultrabooks besides the regular notebooks. Over the years, the ThinkPad notebooks have been known as some of the best in terms of design, durability and high-performance, even under rugged conditions.

Popularity in India

Lenovo is one of most widely sought after brands in India’s PC and notebook market. Also, the ThinkPad brand, something that was earlier associated with IBM and well-known for their solid performance, finds plenty of takers in the country.

While they are largely high-end notebooks, they are still very popular among students, professionals and even those undertaking research oriented work across various fields. The ThinkPad series is certainly very popular in the Indian market.

Design of Lenovo ThinkPad series

The ThinkPad has always received a lot of praise for its standout design. As a matter of fact, the ThinkPad models always come in black color (although some models are available in some other colors of late) and carry the ThinkPad branding in the corners of the lid and the chassis. They are made up of plastic with reinforced carbon fiber, magnesium or even titanium. This allows for the durability that these devices provide.

The keyboard is a full-sized backlit one (certain notebooks feature a ThinkLight) along with a trackpad that offers numerous functionalities. Besides this, ThinkPad models have always featured a TrackPoint, which is basically a pointing device located among the keys.

ThinkPad models have screen sizes that start at 11 inches and go right up to 15.6 inches. The screen is a HD/FHD/FHD++ IPS display that with some having multi-touch feature as well. Therefore, viewing is crisp and truly amazing.

The Yoga lineup of Think Pad tablet computers can be used as in four different modes. As for the weight of these devices, they are all less than 2.5 kilograms, with the tablets and Ultrabooks weighing well below 2 kilograms.

Features of Lenovo ThinkPad series

The ThinkPad series of notebooks are built for rugged and great performance in all conditions. Keeping that in mind, they feature the best available hardware during their time of release.

When it comes to the processor, ThinkPad devices largely make use of Intel processors. Some the processors that are found on the latest devices happen to be Celeron, Core i5 and i7 (Haswell and Broadwell). The lower priced devices use Intel HD Graphics while others have a discrete Nvidia graphics card, which is also optional for some. RAM availability starts with 4GB and goes up to 32GB (4 DIMM). Thus, you can hardly expect any kind of lag to affect your work. Storage options vary between the devices and they range between 500GB HDD to 2TB. SSDs are also available as optional means and can be utilized for better performance.

When it comes to the OS, Windows is the preferred option for the ThinkPad notebooks.

ThinkPads offer a large number of connectivity features. Bluetooth, WLAN and Wi-Fi are the common options along with USB, VGA, Ethernet, DisplayPort and Thunderbolt (some devices) and HDMI ports. A 4-in-1 card reader is also found on these devices. Many of the notebooks also have a fingerprint reader, Express Card and Smart Card options.

The ThinkPads all feature an audio jack for headphones, stereo speakers with Dolby Advanced Audio, HD Webcam with face tracking and a Mic.

Lastly, ThinkPad devices offer great amount of battery life with a minimum of 6 hours that can go up to 13 hours (with Power Bridge technology).

Lenovo ThinkPad News

Before the IFA in Berlin, Lenovo had refreshed the ThinkPad E lineup with four news models, namely the E460, E465, E560 and the E565.

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