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  • Core i3
  • HDD, 500GB
  • 14 inches, Windows 7 Home Basic
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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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[Good] Good product with average performance.. Processor and dispaly quite good.. Sound quality is not good enough you need seprate sound system for good sound Design is quite good.. And price wise ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.9
  • Review by Anita Jangir
  • Date : 1, Jun 2016

[Good] I am usingh HCL laptops From 4 years its always get hanged as well as crates lots of problem like long time to open, long time to shut down, Slow process and many more.I am totally frustrated ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Review by Gaurav Singh
  • Date : 2, Dec 2015

[Good] Nice product having good stylish body Good color Body is good Keyboard is nice Touch botton are good shortcut Screen size also good Overall good product I am using from last 3 years its nice ...Read more

  • Rating : 2.9
  • Review by Himanshu Kuhar
  • Date : 27, Nov 2015

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About HCL Laptops

HCL Laptops

With its headquarters in Noida, India, HCL Technologies Limited happens to be an IT company that provides services over a wide range of areas. One of these is the company’s hardware division, which is known to manufacture desktops, laptops and tablets computers.

History of HCL Laptops

HCL Technologies was formed in the year 1991. The company happens to actually be one among four other companies that are under HCL Corporation. It was the first Indian company to manufacture an indigenous microcomputer in 1978. Over the years the company largely expanded on its software operations and is surely among the top companies in the world at present.

It has also been known to manufacture several lines of desktops, tablets and laptops through its engineering division, most notably the Me lineup.

Popularity in India

India has been witnessing an IT revolution. HCL happens to be a key part of this, mainly owing to the fact that it happens to be an Indian company that is well known for its software and hardware products.

HCL’s products are pretty affordable and thus fit the mindset of the Indian market. Also, despite being priced lower than many other market players, quality is something that is not compromised. Therefore, it can be said that HCL is surely a pioneer when it comes to selling traditional desktops and laptops in India.

Design of HCL Laptops

As far as the design of HCL laptops are concerned, they are pretty exquisitely crafted. These laptops feature a mix of metal and polycarbonate in their build. They are known to be lightweight and strong. At most, they weigh up to 3 kilograms.

Screen size begins at 11 inches and goes up to 18 inches with certain models. The screens are known to have an IPS LED and even feature an HD resolution display. This assures that these devices offer splendid graphics, be it for office, entertainment or even gaming. Besides this, these laptops are also known to have an island style full size keyboard. Typing is pretty easy owing to the large keys and spaciousness.

HCL’s laptops come in a variety of colors, some of them even featuring very rich designs. The top portion of the lid also features the HCL logo.

Features of HCL Laptops

HCL‘s laptop range is known to boast of a number of features. They are largely powered by Intel’s Pentium, Celeron, and Core series processors. Some of the models are equipped with AMD’s A series chipsets as well. As for the memory, there are options ranging between 2 and 4GB. Internal storage usually comes in the form of a HDD of 500GB for most of the models. However, the range is usually between 160GB and 2TB.

Most devices are equipped with Windows operating system, i.e. Windows 7 or 8. One can also opt for systems that come without any pre-loaded operating system, but just DOS.

Connectivity options are plentiful with these laptops. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the obvious wireless connectivity options. Besides, there are a large number of ports such as USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA and more.

The laptops also feature a camera and 3.5mm universal jack for the headsets. This allows for easy voice calling. Stereo speakers are also available for external audio.

The batteries on these laptops are of Li-ion type and hold charge long enough for daily tasks. Additionally, these devices come with a one-year warranty for parts and accessories.

HCL Laptop News

HCL has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to distribute its largely popular Surface Pro 4 tablet in India. Besides this, prospective buyers can also seek to order online via Amazon. The Surface Pro 4 is a much awaited tablet, which is finally releasing in the country.

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