Microsoft Xbox Game Consoles Price List in India February 2019

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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Microsoft Xbox Game Consoles Price 2019

Latest Microsoft Xbox Game Consoles Price
Microsoft Xbox One X Rs 25,550 -
Microsoft Xbox One S Rs 21,999 -
Microsoft Xbox One Rs 45,990
Microsoft Xbox One X Microsoft Xbox One X

Latest News about Microsoft Xbox

Xbox One Peripherals to work with Windows 10 PCs via Xbox Wireless

Microsoft has been continuously putting in great efforts to merge Xbox One platforms and PC. Out of the efforts, the company has announced Xbox Wireless. Now, this Xbox Wireless is a new ecosystem that makes peripherals and hardware of Xbox One compatible with PC. While this new ecosystem merges the two major gaming platforms, it is certainly going to create a massive interest in the gaming ... Read more

The 2 TB Xbox One S model is being replaced by 3 brand new models

Microsoft has turned off the purchase window for the 2 TB Xbox One S models as the company has ran out of stock. The worst news is that Microsoft will not be replenishing this model as it was meant to be a kind of special edition and this is the sole reason that the models were only produced in limited quantities. But gaming enthusiasts out there are advised not to worry as three more variants of ... Read more

Microsoft is set to announce a New Xbox One controller in the upcoming E3

As the E3 approaches, there is major hype surrounding the reveal of Microsoft's new Xbox One controller as a mid-cycle refreshment of the existing version. Amidst all the fanfare and plates, some bitter rivalry between Microsoft and Sony has also come to the forefront. Read more

Latest Reviews for Microsoft Xbox

It is quite simply games look absolutely amazing running on Xbox , i love that playing games in Xbox. I bought this 5 months back and it the world's most powerful console and we can experience 4K ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by manojmp1
  • Date : 25, Mar 2018

World's best game console by microsoft with lots of latest features. It has 40% more power than other console. Xbox One S has built-in 4K Ultra HD Blue-ray and 4K video streaming. It gives amazing ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Meenal Naik
  • Date : 26, Feb 2018

This game consoles is awesome. 4k is good for hams like Gears4, Halo5. performance mode is dramatic , games without a patch running seamlessly. Excellent controller, standard with added texture in ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Review by Vedant Pande
  • Date : 13, Feb 2018

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Is this something like PS4 Pro or an entirely next gen console?

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About Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is a fantastic series of gaming consoles

Microsoft Xbox is a series of gaming console that first arrived in 2001. Manufactured, owned and marketed by Microsoft, the lineup now consists of three models- Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Apart from being a gaming console, the recently release Xbox One has the capacity of streaming online services, downloading games, demo applications and watching TV through a feature known as "Xbox Live". Competing with Sony's PlayStation lineup, the Xbox 360 recorded selling over 77.2 million consoles across the world as of April, 2013. The market for gaming consoles are on a rise in India as more and more people are now taking gaming more than just a "time pass" activity.

Features of Microsoft Xbox series

Xbox: Released on November 15, 2001, this console brought forth a new era for Microsoft in the gaming console market. This device came under a lot of pressure since Sony's PlayStation 2 was competing with it by receiving a ton of exclusive releases. The inbuilt Xbox Live service allowed players to play online without the need of a broadband connection, but needed a subscription fee for users to avail its facilities.

Xbox 360: The Xbox 360 released in November, 2005 worldwide as is touted to be the most successful gaming console of the previous generation. Microsoft explained the features and workings of this device in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) along with preview of dozens of exclusive titles to be released with the model. It came with an expansive Xbox Live service that enables streaming of TV shows, music, movies, etc. through Xbox Music and Xbox Video services. This gaming console further received an enhancement with the release of 'Kinect' motion controller that uses top line motion sensor technology and breathes new life into gaming.

Xbox One: This is Microsoft's most recent release into the gaming console market, and represents the 8th generation of Video gaming consoles that competes with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. This model is currently selling like hot cakes thanks to features like record and stream, watching cable TV and even more advanced Kinect control system. It remains to be seen how this device performs in India as Sony's is currently leading the market with their PS4 model.

Reasons for Popularity in India

With the advancement of technology, gaming is no longer within the confines of bedrooms of kids and teenagers. Now, an increasing number of people from different age groups are participating in the activity and finding immense joy. Gaming is now considered a sport in many parts of the world where people can take part to win cash prizes, gadgets and trophies for themselves or their team. One of these reasons is why Microsoft Xbox gained popularity in India is because of its exclusive titles like "Gears of War", "Halo series", etc. other reasons being its affordable price tag that brought it under the reach of many enthusiastic gamers. Building a gaming PC is a costly affair. Thankfully, Xbox gaming consoles are there to bring joy to your homes at low cost.

Why Microsoft Xbox is different than others?

Microsoft is increasingly leaning towards blending the best of online features, home entertainment and gaming, which has lead to the development of Xbox One gaming console. Staying different from its competitors, this gaming console promises to hold a long life ahead.

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