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Nintendo Wii Game Consoles Price 2019

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Nintendo Wii Rs 475 -
Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii

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Hard disk

Can I upgrade its internal memory like other consoles?

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Sensor bar accuracy

Is it required to have the sensor bar in the exact center of the display, or can it still be accurate if its a little bit off?

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Wii's sound

Does the Wii's sound similar to some GameCube games in the sense that they are MIDIs on steroids?

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About Nintendo Wii


A pioneer in manufacturing gaming consoles since 1980's, Nintendo's journey has been quite successful. Later in 2006, the introduction of Wii game consoles furthered their business prospects as the company allowed users to play a host of exciting games on these consoles. The introduction of 3DS broadened their approach worldwide.

Wii Game Consoles flood Asian and US markets providing utmost gaming pleasure

Nintendo Game Cube has been a gamer's ideal box of interest ever since it came into existence. With Mario being a popular figure in the gaming world, Wii Game consoles gradually occupied a major portion of the world gaming market. GamePad is one single machine which takes control of user's gaming endeavors thereby earning Nintendo the respect of a million gamers worldwide.

The introduction of Wii as an impetus to gaming markets

Nintendo serrated its journey onto making gaming consoles since 1983. Nintendo Entertainment System earned much fame owing to their Nintendo 3DS and Game Boy consoles. With GAME & WITCH, Nintendo advanced into serious gaming where their consoles had an LCD screen with microprocessors.

Later their Donkey Kong and Mario became the order of the day. However, their fame shot to international eminence with Pokémon Go and the built in games that surrounded it.

Wii released its first console in 2001 with their GameCube. Later they started concentrating more on portable gaming consoles, and it was only in 2006 that they released the original Wii model. Later, its Family Edition and Wii Mini strengthened their position in this gaming market.

Worldwide popularity

Competing against its principal rivals, Wii sold more than 101 million units worldwide. 2009 witnessed their record breaking sales figures in US alone. Their WiiConnect24 allowed users to connect to users online and make use of Wi-Fi to receive and send messages.

2005 Tokyo Game show saw the emergence of newer Wii game Consoles with all its accessories and range of games to choose from. It won the Game Critics Award and was crowned a grand winner in home entertainment.

Gradually other 3rd party gaming brands put more efforts on producing games especially built for Wii. In terms of entertainment and weight management, Wii managed to secure a larger market in Europe and UK.

Wii Family and 3DS

Wii game consoles came with various editions and models especially built for gaming enthusiasts. Their Family edition was released in 2011 and is still under production. Regarding popularity, it comes right after the original Wii model.

It packs in a 243 MHz graphics memory with remote control and balance boards. Connectivity options are limited to WiFi and LAN/USB. In terms of storage, it comes with 512 MB internal memory and had options for expanding memory.

It's enormous sales figures in Europe and US made indications that it had a huge demand owing to Mario v/s Donkey Kong and other exciting games.

Cutting-edge gaming series

In order to scale their production figures, Wii game consoles released their Wii 3DS and Wii U with a view to incorporate 3D capabilities along with a range of other enhancements. With this, they launched a range of games like Mario Party 10 and Super Mario Collection Series which enabled users to take control of 3D and indulge in absolute gaming experience. In India, Nintendo Wii allowed users to take advantage of their GameCube interface with 512 MB flash memory. The package includes all the basic features obtained in Wii followed by 3DS and 3DS XL.

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