Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price List in India February 2019

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updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price 2019

Latest Nintendo DS Game Consoles Price
Nintendo New 3DS XL Rs 20,600 -
Nintendo 3DS Rs 24,999
Nintendo 2DS Special Pikachu Edition (Pokemon) Rs 22,450
Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart 7 Bundle Rs 3,099
Nintendo 3DS XL Rs 33,708
Nintendo New 3DS XL Nintendo New 3DS XL

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About Nintendo DS


Japanese gaming moguls, Nintendo continues to be one of the biggest names in the niche gaming consoles segment. Always coming up with one popular offering after another, a lot of their success has to do with the Nintendo DS series. They are now launching their latest-series addition, the 3DS XL, in India.

Nintendo DS Continues Among the Most Popular Gaming Consoles in India

Nintendo does have a monopoly in gaming consoles with few other names coming close to their market shares. They enjoy more than just a global consumer base. What they have instead is a loyal creed, a fan following. It is safe to say, that a lion's share of their success has a lot to do with the Nintendo DS hitting the markets.

Nintendo DS History

Going on sale on November 21, 2004 in North America for the first time, it was highly successful straight up. Sporting dual LCD screens, it was nothing short of a revolution in its time by allowing multiple users to interact while gaming via short-range Wi-Fi. This was the 3rd device in Nintendo's gaming console line-up. It soon came up as the more vital pillar of their future generations.

These Jap gaming giants rapidly included the Lite upgrade into this genre. With smaller dimensions, Nintendo pre-released this device on January 26, 2006 (Japan) giving in to huge consumer demands. Till 2013, this gaming console continued to notch up sales figures above the 90 million bracket.

DSi released as a successor to the DS Lite with numerous gamer-end hardware advantages. This was the first gaming console in the series to include 2 digital cameras along with additional internal plus external storage. This model further saw an increase in dimension with its XL variant – larger screens, better viewing-angles and additional styli.

One of the most popular gaming consoles in India

India is one of the largest markets for gaming consoles. Competing primarily against the likes of SONY's PSP module, Nintendo continues to be among the best in business.

The first Nintendo gaming consoles hit Indian shores way back in 2008. Pricing under the INR 8.5K bracket, their success was only apparent. A lack of competitors in one of the largest prospective markets for digital entertainment devices saw Nintendo making it big in India. They continue to do so with their latest models.

Reasons behind its popularity

Classic and Simple gaming experience – this is what the Nintendo DS series creates and offers perfectly. Instead of going for the typical high-end graphics and performance like Microsoft and SONY, these Japanese manufacturers concentrate on providing the best possible classic multi-user experience.

The first bit of this series' success has a lot to do with its compatibility to older Game Boy Advance games. Also, multiple screens allow seamless multi-user functionality. Other plus points include portability along with a utilitarian gaming console design.

Latest products in the series

The latest Nintendo DS series includes the 3DS XL. Larger dimensions above the first 3DS model, it lives up to its name with nascent introduction of 3D technology extending to its camera as well to multimedia such as 3D movies. Now available in India, it's already hitting high sales across multiple online sellers.

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