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  • Lupin
  • 27, Dec 2017

Can it also dry clothes?


  • BuffyIndia
  • 1, Jan 2018

Yes, Lupin it can also dry your clothes when you use it. But since its manually operated after washing the clothes on the other side, you need to transfer it on the other side and then spin for drying clothes. Its a bit of hard when using a manual operated machine.

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  • Rachana
  • 20, Dec 2017 / Good Answers : 1

What is the service life of this washing machine?

Kishore Nayak

  • Kishore Nayak
  • 20, Dec 2017

Service life depends on how you maintain the washing machine. My washing machine got its first service after 6 years. The drum was damaged and need to replace the same. It costed around 9k. The after service cost of LG is to high. For only check they will charge you 500 rupees. So maintain it properly.

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Nandu Dixit

  • Nandu Dixit
  • 17, Dec 2017

Is the capacity of wash tub and spin tub same for this machine?


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