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  • Claude
  • 22, Feb 2018

My game console has HDMI port, can I connect it to my computer monitor?


  • Klaus
  • 23, Feb 2018

Yes, as long as you have HDMI cable and there is an HDMI slot on the monitor, you can connect your console to it and play your games, you can even connect your CPU to a TV using also the HDMI cord, that's how flexible HDMI is

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  • Krewe
  • 26, Feb 2018

Any type of computer, whether gaming console or desktop, even laptop and disc players can be connected to a computer monitor as long as both have HDMI capabilities. The resolution of the images are dependent still on the format of movie or game

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  • Jennifertn
  • 3, Apr 2018

Ya obviously you can connect it to HDMI port if you have the slot in monitor and can connect it toi the easiest.But still it all depends on resolution so need to check it to the most.

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