Dove Deep Pure Face Washes Price List in India January 2019

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  • Instead of soap which deprives skin of oils, Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash contains beauty serum which moisturizes the skin while the deep cleansing technology effectively cleans the pores. This face wash is ideal for the dry and normal skin.

  • Dove's gentle face wash for everyday use. Its micropuffs that are 10 times smaller than the beads in scrubs effectively remove dirt and oil from pores without over-drying, keeping skin soft and smooth.

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  • Jasper

    I love Dove!

    Dove are amazing products! I wish that I have found Dove earlier. I have tried different facial products and finally I have found Dove facial wash for my super oily skin. I think this will also fit ...

    Dove Deep Pure Oil Control Facial Cleanser

    Dove Beauty

    Deep Pure Oil Control Facial Cleanser


    • Review by Jasper
    • Date : 31, Dec 2017
  • Srinirao

    always the best face wash

    I have used Dove products ever since i have remembered. From hard soap, to shampoo and conditioner and now this kind of facial wash from Dove. I love that it suits all kinds of skin types. My family ...

    Dove Deep Pure Face Wash

    Dove Beauty

    Deep Pure Face Wash


    • Review by Srinirao
    • Date : 31, Dec 2017
  • Sinchu


    Pros: My body usually sweats too much that too in summer it will be more. My face will also seats soon when there is less air i was very much tensed about my marriage which was in summer season only. ...

    Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

    Dove Beauty

    Beauty Moisture Face Wash


    • Review by Sinchu
    • Date : 8, Nov 2017


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