LG DVD / Blu-ray Players Price List in India February 2019

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LG DP132

LG DP132

  • DVD Player
  • USB
  • 250 x 37.5 x 203 (mm), 0.9 kg
Rs 2,590 (1 Price)
LG BP250

LG BP250

  • Blu-ray Player, DVD Player
  • 270 x 43 x 195 (W x H x D (mm)), 0.83 kg
Rs 7,984 (1 Price)

LG DP546

LG DP546

  • DVD Player
  • Coaxial Digital Connector, USB
  • 360 x 39.5x 200 (mm), 1.14 kg
Rs 2,950 (1 Price)

LG BP450

LG BP450

  • Blu-ray Player
  • USB
  • 270 x 43 x 195 (mm), 0.85 kg
- (0 Prices)
updated on 30, Oct 2018, 11:48

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LG DVD / Blu-ray Players Price 2019

Latest LG DVD / Blu-ray Players Price
LG BP250 Rs 7,984
LG DP132 Rs 2,590
LG DP546 Rs 2,950
LG BP250 LG BP250

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  • Date : 31, Mar 2017

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  • Date : 29, Sep 2016

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About LG DVD / Blu-ray Players


LG is the lone Korean conglomerate able to compete against current Japanese biggies in the electronics market. LG DVD / Blu-ray Players plus other media devices are gearing up for regeneration on the global stage with a strong foot in India.

LG DVD / Blu-ray Players Making New Grounds in India

One of the largest industry conglomerates in the world, LG is an example of a pan-global market footprint. With multiple arms in just as many industries, LG Electronics comes up as the most popular one among them. They're looking for nothing less than the top spot with their huge gallery of products ranging from LG DVD / Blu-ray Players to ACs. A strong eye towards this growing Indian consumer market seems to be their first and foremost mantra.

The History of LG

The first foundation stones of this modern behemoth came up as Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial Corp. Continuing with their motto for innovation even now, it's interesting to learn that this was the first Korean firm to make its entry into the plastics industry.

Lak-Hui was a success but they found another just as prospective consumer products market. They opened up a separate firm for it as GoldStar Co. Ltd. The LG of today took its first steps in 1958 when both these companies coalesce into Lucky-GoldStar. Foraying into international obviously requires disambiguation which is just why Lak-Hui becomes Lucky.

Their first product bearing the GoldStar badging was the quintessential radio. By then, Lucky was already a popular brand in multiple South-East Asian markets for consumer products. Matter of fact, these markets in the past contributes strongly to what LG is today.

Coming to the name LG, this name did not come up until 1995 when these Korean giants took their forays into North American markets as marketing. Finally coming up as the 'Life's Good' company of today, LG was already well on its way into becoming the modern mammoth.

LG DVD / Blu-ray Players plus electronic media devices along with their mainstay consumer products contribute to their product range serving a global audience. Now, they look to integrate more features into this rising Indian market.

LG on A Global Scale

Globally, 2016 revenues across only LG Electronics amount to $48 million making them one of the largest players around. Their products spread across almost every single economic region in the globe.

Pin-pointing their market-reach in numbers, their products reaches across 80 plus countries. LG DVD / Blu-ray Players continues to be among the top brands in its segment.

Brand LG

Continuing with their brand motto, LG believes in providing consumers with just what they want and more. Basing their research strongly on market response, LG are pioneers across numerous product segments. They obviously concentrate on value-for-features, a notch above just affordability. For buyers in India and all over the globe, LG means user-friendly tech along with perfect software functions.

LG DVD / Blu-ray Players in the Indian market

India comes up as one of the world's largest consumer sections for DVDs and Blu-Ray players. LG has one of the largest market shares in India. Courtesy of numerous official stores and dedicated dealerships, they have enough market footprints to reach throughout the nation.

LG DVD / Blu-ray Players continue to lead sales in its segment just like most of their other offerings.

LG Products Categories in India

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