21, Sep 2017

Nikon holds their first Fan Meeting! Got to check out the D850

Nikon held their first Fan Meeting 'Nikon 100th Anniversary Fan Meeting 2017 -Tokyo & Osaka-' celebrating their 100 years of history. I had a chance to attend the event.

Nikon's first Fan Meeting 'Nikon 100th Anniversary Fan Meeting 2017 -Tokyo & Osaka-' was held celebrating its 100 years of history. It was on the 26th and 27th of August in Tokyo. I went on the first day and tried their new product, the D850. I would like to report on it along with what the event was like.

It was jam packed from the morning on the first day in Tokyo! There was a long queue where D850 was displayed.

The venue was filled with excitement from the start as this was Nikon's very first Fan Meeting, and especially because it was right after they annouced the launch of the D850.

There were many people from the beginning of the event.

There was a main stage where events such as a presentation by the developer of the D850 and a talk over Nikor lens would be held. There were also sections where the new D850, the 100th anniversary commemorative models and their old models were displayed, and sections where you can photograph models using the D850 and try the super-telephoto lens. There was also a shop where you can buy Nikon's 100th anniversary items.

At the entrance. Nikon products welcomed me.

Events held at the stage were very popular from the morning.

The 100th anniversary commemorative models were displayed in their cases.

The exhibitions of successive generations of Nikon machines.

They also had tablet devices which you could use to see the catalogue data of old machines.

A demonstration of disassembling and cleaning of the Nikon F. They showed it twice a day.

The name card case seemed to be the most popular item among all the 100th anniversary items.

The most popular section was where the D850, the model which is not at shops yet, was displayed. I was able to try it comparing it with the D810, though it was only for a short while.

The section where D850 was displayed. You can try this newest model which is not at shops yet.

Comparing the D850 and D810 side by side.

What I realized first holding the D850 is its grip. The staff there told me that they succeeded in making it thinner than the D810, so they made the grip deeper to make it easier to hold. It is good for those who have big hands like me that they can hold it tightly.

It is difficult to notice the differnece in product photos, but when you place them together like this, you can see the difference in the depth of the grip.

I also checked their weight putting the same lens on the D810 and D850. When I put them on my palm to compare their weight accurately, the D850 did feel slightly heavier. However, probably thanks to the shape of its grip, I couldn't feel the difference when I held it.

It is amazing that you can't tell the difference in weight with the D850 and D810.

One of the D850's selling points is the magnificence of the viewfinder being 0.75times. I felt uneasy with its width when I first saw it, but once I got used to it, it was very easy to see as it had bright coloring and was easy to focus on what I wanted.

The viewfinder of the D850. You might feel uneasy with it at first if you had been using other full-frame cameras.

Another selling point is its shutter release. It feels a lot different to that of the D810; it feels softer. Shutter shocks I get from continuous shooting felt a lot less than the D810, too.

Autofocusing is a lot faster with the D850 compared to the D810. It was very easy to choose the AF point thanks to the newly introduced sub selector. As for menu operation, it feels a lot different as it has a touch panel for operation whereas the D810 had buttons. The layout of the buttons on its back has been changed a lot too, so if you are used to operating with buttons, you might get muddled at first.

Because of the touch panel and the change in button layout, menu operation feels quite different.

I couldn't try the D850 much because I didn't have enough time, so I can't wait to get my hands on it again to try it out more. It was an event all about cameras jam packed with Nikon's charm; it certainly was perfect for Nikon's 100th anniversary.