2, May 2017

Acer Holo 360 : A 360-degree VR Camera with Android smartphone

Acer came up with a mega surprise on the global press conference in New York. This happened with introduction of the Holo 360, which is a 360-degree camera. The camera has efficient Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, and it shall run on Android. Although it is made for use as a 360-degree camera for VR headsets, it could be used to make phone calls as well. Acer hasn't made the launch date or more details about the product public.

Acer Holo 360

Amongst many launches of gadgets including gaming laptops, Windows-based laptops and desktops in New York City on the occasion of its global press conference, Acer revealed a big surprise for its customers. It introduced the Holo 360 which is a 360-degree VR camera that has a built-in LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. While the main feature focused in the Holo 360 is its impeccable 360-degree camera, in addition, the device can be used to make phone calls as well.

The camera comes equipped with two spherical camera lenses on its top. The screen attached gives a chance to see what is getting filmed or photographed. The Holo 360 can capture 3D content like other 360-degree cameras and also be used to capture , view and create content for VR headsets. The users can shoot, edit and post 360-degree videos directly with a touch on the screen. The Wi-Fi connectivity and 4G LTE hardware make the new product up-to-date with the requirements of the present day camera users.

The company gave a short demo of the product in the conference, where the device appeared somewhat small in size. But, more details are expected to come from Acer soon to unveil the product specifications, price and availability.